JBL’s new headphones have a touch screen

JBL has announced the JBL Tour Pro 2 true wireless earphones, the world’s first earphones to feature a “smart” charging case.

The new headphones now feature a 1.45-inch LED touch screen on the case, allowing for 7x faster navigation than the JBL Headphones app, according to the company.

The screen can be used to play and pause audio, change songs, adjust controllers to your personal preferences with Personi-fi 2.0, activate ANC, and display call and message notifications.

The Tour Pro 2’s battery life is rated at 10 hours, and the case bumps that up to 40.

Along with the new screen, the new headphones feature 6 noise-canceling microphones, which can run an ear canal test that optimizes ANC performance when exposed to noisy environments. It also has JBL Spatial Sound and 10mm dynamic drivers tuned to JBL Pro Sound.

JBL has also announced the Tour One M2, a premium pair of on-ear headphones that feature True Adaptive hybrid ANC unlike anything the Harman brand has ever installed in a device.

The headphone’s ANC is able to adapt to the user’s environment, while being able to turn off and pause the music when it recognizes a voice, allowing easy conversation.

The Tour One M2’s drivers are 40mm, also tuned to JBL Pro Sound, tunable with Personi-fi 2.0. Bluetooth 5.3 and JBL Spatial Sound have also been included.

“Our JBL Tour products are always pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in headphones, and our two new products are packed with innovative technologies,” said Dave Rogers, president of Harman’s Lifestyle division.

“I am delighted with what we have created, in particular with the JBL Tour PRO 2 Smart Charging Case. In our search for new user-centric features, we have not ignored the essentials, however we continue to elevate the audio experience” .

Both devices will launch in January 2023, with the Tour Pro 2 earphones costing $350 and the Tour One M2 costing $429.

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