Jensen Huang Hints At Lovelace Announcements On September 19-22

Jensen Huang Hints At Lovelace Announcements On September 19-22

The NVIDIA CEO explained how the company will minimize inventories of older models before switching to the next generation. Jensen Huang called the upcoming series “interesting”, even though Ampere is his most popular GPU. Too many were created.

NVIDIA CEO Confirms GeForce RTX 30 Series “Additional Inventory.” The issue is pricing, especially outside of China and the US. While we often report price drops on higher-end US models or a Chinese market full of post-mining GPUs, this isn’t always the case elsewhere. Huang acknowledged that the company is working with partners to price the next generation. Two years after the debut of the architecture, no official price reduction has been announced.

Jensen will talk about next-gen GPUs at GTC’22 next month. First formal word on the new architecture.

We will get through this in the coming months and enter next year with our new architecture. I hope to tell you more about this at GTC next month.

I’m looking forward to next month’s GTC conference, where we’ll be sharing new RTX trailers that reinvent 3D graphics and gaming.

— Jensen Huang, CEO of NVIDIA at the Q2 2022 earnings call

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