Lawna, the autonomous lawnmower with artificial intelligence that is also a watchdog (video)

Now that everyone has a cleaning robot at home… It’s time to put them to work outdoors.

Robot vacuum cleaners have revolutionized home cleaning. They sweep, vacuum, scrub and polish the floor completely autonomously. They create a map of the house and clean designated areas without bumping into objects, people, or pets.

LawnaTech has used all these years of learning and developing technology to develop Lawna, the first autonomous lawnmower with artificial intelligence vision. You can see it in operation in the opening video of the news.

Lawna uses the same technology as the most advanced Roomba cleaning robots (which Amazon just bought, by the way), to fulfill the age-old dream that the lawn in the garden cuts itself. Or, more appropriately, have it cut by a robot for us.

Technically, although this autonomous mower uses the same principles as a cleaning robot, it does not work the same. His work is unique: harvestwhich is quite different from cement flooring, tiles or earth, for example.

Using a camera with image recognition based on artificial intelligence Lawna is able to outline lawn areas just taking a walk in the garden. You mark them in the app and we can give you the go-ahead, enlarge or cut areas, or prevent you from entering a certain site.

With the zone defined, Lawna mows the lawn alone, following patterns of parallel lines, so as not to miss anything. From the app itself we can define the height of the grass that we want to leave.

Its powerful motor allows you climb slopes up to 30 degrees, so it doesn’t work only on flat ground. And it is completely safe, since the AI ​​camera detects objects, people, children and pets, and stops if they are too close.

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When the battery runs out, which lasts about two and a half hours, it automatically recharges and then picks up where it left off.

At night it becomes a guard dog. You can patrol the garden and send a notification if you spot anything unusual with your camera.

Lawna, the autonomous lawnmower with AI, it already multiplies by four the funding it needed on KickStarter to be able to manufacture it. it has a price of 700 eurosAlthough it may seem expensive to you, it is 58% less than what it will cost when it goes on sale in stores.

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