League of Legends reveals a new exclusive skin for players who behave well

Riot Games revealed this week plans for League of Legends’ Updated Honor Rewards, the cosmetic awards given to the best behaved players who are constantly recognized by their teammates. Previous discussions confirmed that players who reach the pinnacle of the game’s Honor system, Honor Level 5, will gain a skin that no one else could otherwise acquire. We now know that the skin will be Three Honors Malzahar, and along with that reveal, we’ve gotten our first look at the new Honor cosmetic.

You can check out Three Honors Malzahar below, courtesy of Riot TimTamMonster, the product lead for of the league Behavior Systems. This is the first Three Honors skin we’ve seen, and as the name suggests, it looks like this cosmetic line will be restricted to the game’s Honor system going forward. It looks like it will be similar to what we see in the annual Conqueror and Championship skin lines.


As for the previous Gray Warwick and Medieval Twitch Honor rewards, those who haven’t yet claimed those skins or their various chromas may be wondering what’s planned for them now that this new skin is being introduced. Riot TimTamMonster also addressed that issue, saying that the new Three Honors skins will replace the annual chroma releases, but that Honor Level 5 capsules will still give players the option to get those two previous skins or chromas.

“We also wanted to mention the other rewards you get for Honor,” the post read. “Historically, we’ve added a new chroma for the Medieval Twitch and Gray Warwick skins each year for players to choose from when they hit Honor 5. The Three Honors skin line is replacing these new chromas. Honor 5 capsules will still contain the token which you can redeem for Twitch, Warwick, or your previous chromas.”

In addition to this new look that serves as an incentive for players to not only behave in games, but create positive and praiseworthy experiences, Riot added a special recall animation not too long ago for honorable players. Riot also recently said it’s looking at a new system aimed at better rewarding players for exhibiting “prosocial behavior.”

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