Leaking Suggests Instagram Is Going After BeReal

Instagram appears to be working on a feature that will allow it to compete with BeReal.

The new feature, Candid Challenges, was leaked by Alessandro Paluzzi on August 22:

Candid Challenges was clearly inspired by a social media app called BeReal. Released in 2019, it has become more and more popular way to document candid, “real” shots of what people are doing, rather than staged shots on the app that is apparently trying to rip you off.

“Every day at a different time,” says BeReal on its website, “everyone gets simultaneous notifications to capture and share a photo in 2 minutes.” (Capitalization of “photo” and “minutes” of them.)

Paluzzi’s leak suggests that Candid Challenges isn’t just similar in concept to BeReal, it’s a direct copy, right down to the two-minute time frame and the use of incorrect “everyday” grammar.

For its part, Instagram says it doesn’t plan to launch Candid Challenges any time soon. “This feature is an internal prototype,” Meta told PCMag, “and is not something we are testing.”

For now. The idea is pretty straightforward: BeReal wasn’t even the first app based on the concept; is simply the most successful to date, which would be really easy to copy for Instagram.

Instagram is not above ripping off other apps; just look at Stories (Snapchat) and their effort to duplicate TikTok’s success with a greater focus on Reels. The latter flopped recently amid rejection of the Kardashians of all people.

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