Legends of Runeterra reveals its first exclusive champion: Norra

Legends of Runeterra is an excellent adaptation of the card game of League of Legends lore, expanding the game world with a brilliant cast of characters. But so far, all the champions in the game, the most powerful cards with level-up mechanics, have been taken from the League of Legends ready. On Tuesday, Riot released a reveal trailer for Norra, the game’s first exclusive champion.

fans of League Lore already knows about Norra. Her cat Yuumi joined League‘s with the help of his magical book that opens portals. Yuumi, a talking cat, rides the magical Book of Thresholds around the battlefield and uses her magical powers to help her allies. Her champion bio has had her on the lookout for Norra; most fans did not expect her to appear in Legends of Runeterra, though. Norra is a two cost unit that creates mysterious portals in her players deck that allow the player to draw created allies. Once the player has summoned six of Norra’s created allies, Norra levels up and her portals create much mightiest friends.

From ordinary people to demigods and monsters, Legends of Runeterra runs with all the fancy threads hinted at League of Legends biographies and cinematics of champions. The game has tons of original characters that could work in League of Legends as champions, but this is the first character that has been playable as a champion in Runeterra but not League.

Norra seems lovely; she’s a nice old Yordle with big bunny ears who says nice things like “bless my socks” and offers to make you a cup of tea. It’s good to see Yuumi’s story come to a happy resolution as well. Norra will be part of the upcoming Awakening expansion, which will be released on August 31. It’s a healthy and welcome counterweight to the other narrative aspects of the expansion, which includes a battle between Master Yi and the edgelord duo of shadow assassin Kayn. and darkin scythe Rhaast.

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