Lego Brawls 2022 Release Date, Time, Pre-Order Price, Gameplay & Wiki

You can pre-order LEGO Brawls right now for a specific price before the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch 2022 release date and time countdown ends.

It is quite an exciting game for fans of online multiplayer. It allows local multiplayer play for up to four players and online play for up to eight players on various platforms.

Lego Brawls 2022 release date and time, pre-order price, gameplay and wiki

You should get ready for all the multiplayer fun that awaits you when the game launches tomorrow.

According to the Steam countdown, LEGO Brawls will release at 21:00 PT on September 1st and at 02:00 ET and 07:00 BST on September 2nd.

Neither Xbox nor Nintendo Switch have a countdown. The PSN store indicates that PlayStation will debut at 0:00 BST.

In any case, the official release date of the game for PlayStation, Xbox, PC and Nintendo Switch is September 2. Apple will also enable playback on mobile devices. LEGO Brawls is available for pre-order for $39.99.

Interestingly, only Xbox and Nintendo Switch offer the option to pre-order a digital copy. At the time of this writing, it does not appear to be available for purchase on the PSN store, and there is no pre-order price on Steam.

For information on how to pre-order a physical copy, please see the game’s website. For additional details about the game, you can also read the official FAQ.


Just like in Smash Brothers, players take control of LEGO minifigures to engage in battles on a stage. Because there is no predetermined list of characters to choose from, LEGO Brawls is unique. Instead, they can design their own minifigures.

The torso, legs and heads of the minifigures can be adjusted. In addition, cosmetic items such as head accessories, back accessories, and waist accessories can be changed. The user can also choose the in-game gestures for the minifigure. The player now has creative control over the appearance of their minifigures.

The user has the option to alter the minifigures’ weapons in addition to their appearance. They can then choose a weapon that better suits their play style or aesthetic thanks to this.

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