LEGO Brawls release date: trailer, gameplay and story

Playing with LEGO has always been about customization and letting your imagination run wild. Now, you can do just that in LEGO Brawls. Read on to find out more about LEGO Brawls, its release date, story, and gameplay.

LEGO Brawls Release Date: September 2, 2022

The LEGO Brawl release date is on September 2, 2022, on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch and PC.

LEGO fighting game

Players take control of LEGO minifigures to battle it out on a stage, similar to Smash Brothers. What makes LEGO Brawls different is that players don’t select from a set list of characters. Instead, they can create their own minifigures. The head, torso and legs of the minifigures can be changed. Cosmetics such as headwear, back accessories, and waist accessories can also be customized. The minifigure’s in-game emotes are also player dependent. This gives the player the freedom to choose how their minifigures look. In addition to appearance, the player can also customize their minifigures’ weaponry. This allows them to find a weapon that suits their playstyle or aesthetic the most.

Speaking of aesthetics, the parts are divided into various categories, based on various themes of the game. Themes include categories like Space, which has laser guns and swords, and various space-related costumes, like aliens or robots. It also includes well-known LEGO product lines, such as Ninjago, which is LEGO’s ninja-inspired theme. This allows the player to use katanas, shurikens, and the like.

The game has various game modes to choose from, with a variety of themed scenarios available. There are free-for-brawl and battle royale modes for those who want to go all out and battle each other. For those who want a relatively more relaxing time, there are also cooperative checkpoint modes. There’s even a mode to collect the most items in one round. LEGO Brawls has a game mode for every player.

LEGO Fighting History

Due to the nature of the game, LEGO Brawls does not have a story to speak of. The stories of LEGO Brawl will mainly come from the experiences that players will have while playing the game. Just as LEGO offers players complete control over their story, LEGO Brawls does the same.

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