LG Unveils World’s Largest OLED TV in Berlin: OLED evo Gallery Edition TV

Bigger is better when it comes to televisions.

And LG has done just that by launching the world’s largest OLED TV at the IFA 2022 electronics show in Berlin.

The Korean technology company presented the huge 97-inch evo Gallery Edition OLED TV, model 97G2.

At almost 2 meters wide, the TV dwarfs those in most living rooms in Australia.

A photo posted on Twitter by tech reporter Vinvent Teoh put the size of the TV into perspective.

“Posing is for climbing,” he wrote after meeting the TVs at IFA 2022.

The monster TV features self-illuminating pixels that can be individually turned on and off to reproduce amazing color and contrast.

LG said the TV’s “non-backlit OLED display technology enables the creation of unprecedented form factors such as flexible, rollable TVs.”

The TV also uses advanced AI-based image processing technologies to improve picture quality.

The model will arrive in Australia at the end of October.

LG’s OLED range now includes 42-inch, 48-inch, 55-inch, 65-inch, 77-inch, 83-inch, 88-inch, and 97-inch options.

The massive 97G2 is designed to be wall-mounted and has LG’s classic OLED flat design.

The price has not yet been published.

LG 136-inch 4K LED TV

If 97-inches isn’t big enough, LG has expanded its LED TVs to the size of Godzilla.

LG is also showing off its massive 136-inch LG 4K Micro LED at the Berlin show. The TV measures 3.8m wide and 2.1m high.

The company said that despite its gigantic size, the TV still retains “superior picture quality on an impressive scale, combining micrometer-sized self-illuminating pixels with a modular design.”

‘Flexible’ television

The Korean firm also presented the innovative LG OLED FLEX.

The TV is the world’s first 42-inch flexible OLED TV.

The impressive technology allows the screen to arch, from completely flat to curved (900R curvature).

LG designed the TV for use in console, PC, and cloud gaming, as well as for live TV broadcasts and streaming services.

color changing fridge

Another cool tech product launched by LG at the show is a color-changing refrigerator with built-in speakers.

The MoodUP refrigerator has color-changing LED door panels and a built-in Bluetooth speaker. Anyone want to have a party in the kitchen?

You can “set the tone” in your kitchen by selecting from a wide range of colors and themes for your LED door panels.

And if you’re listening to music, the refrigerator can sync the refrigerator tones to the built-in speaker.

Next level shoemaker

LG has also launched new technology for those who love a couple of kicks more than a hot meal on Sunday.

The ShoeCase and ShoeCare LG StylerTM were introduced at IFA 2022.

Created specifically for Millennials and Gen Z, shoe storage and display allows people to let their shoes take center stage, while receiving optimal care.

Interior features of the new appliance include a 360-degree turntable and a modular design that allows up to four boxes to be stacked on top of each other. LG said.

And LG Styler ShoeCare uses the company’s TrueSteam technology to keep your shoes clean.

In addition, the absorbent properties of the Zeo-Dry filter’s zeolite absorb moisture and help remove odors from footwear.

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