Masahiro Sakurai is the latest creator to join YouTube

Masahiro Sakurai, the creator of games like kirby Y Super Smash Bros.has revealed his next big project: a YouTube channel. The popular hero of the games teased that he was working on something new. earlier this weekand now you can smash that like button and subscribe to his new channel, Masahiro Sakurai on making games.

As of this writing, there are three videos: one covering the channel, one covering the games Sakurai has worked on (such as one of the DS greats, meteors), and one that delves into how to use pauses in the game for certain effects (such as the “press stop” moments you can see in Smash when punching).

Sakurai, of course, is no stranger to appearing on video; he has been the main of Nintendo Super Smash Bros. presenter for years, and he constantly finds ways to make even the smallest details about new fighters extremely interesting. Now that he has finished with the gigantic project that he was Super Smash Bros Ultimateperhaps it’s no surprise that he’s transitioning to a new video series on YouTube.

Sakurai says that we shouldn’t wait for him to start broadcasting (sadly); instead, the videos will focus on “topics like game development and what makes games fun,” she says in her “About This Channel” video. Your goal is to keep the videos short, between two and five minutes in length.

He’s already teasing that he’ll be able to show some Smash Bros. development builds and design documents he’s written, so it looks like we’ll be getting some behind-the-scenes glimpses of big Nintendo games. Although Sakurai is posting videos of him for Nintendo, he says that the company is “not involved in this channel” and that the series is a personal project of his. He does not plan to include advertisements in his videos.

Unfortunately, even Sakurai has to prepare for potential issues that other YouTubers are on the lookout for. She says that if rights holders aren’t happy with the footage she includes in her videos, “I’ll do what I can to make things right.” She also expressed some concern that because she is uploading separate Japanese and English versions of each video, it might violate YouTube’s duplicate content policies and cause the videos to be removed.

But as you’d expect with any YouTuber trying to get a new series off the ground, Sakurai concludes his video about by asking viewers to hit the subscribe button. While she acknowledges that it’s “a very YouTube thing for me to ask,” she says she won’t ask again in future videos.

Personally? I couldn’t hit the subscribe button fast enough. I even activated the notification bell. The videos he has released so far are fantastic; I’ve never consciously thought about stopping the punch before, but now I’ll look for it in every game I play.

After Latest, He was glad to never ask Sakurai for anything again. Now, I am eagerly waiting for the next video of her to drop.

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