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McLaren Solus GT

Mercedes-AMG is doing it, so is Aston Martin, Lamborghini has also gotten in on the act, and even Ferrari is teasing that it has something planned. So it should come as no surprise that McLaren has joined the fray to build the world’s most spectacular hypercar for track day.

It’s the British F1 team-turned-supercar manufacturer’s answer to the Mercedes-AMG One, Aston Martin Valkyrie AMR Pro and Lamborghini SCV12.

Revealed at Monterey Car Week in California, the McLaren Soltus GT is a very limited special edition, inspired by the brand’s Vision GT virtual concept for the Gran Turismo computer game. But it’s also the most extreme McLaren you can drive without being named Lando Norris or Daniel Ricciardo (or maybe Oscar Piastri).

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It’s unlike any other McLaren in the range, meaning the twin-turbocharged V8 engine has been removed and the styling is very different from what you’ll see in the Artura, 720S or any other McLaren production car.

McLaren Solus GT

The Soltus GT is powered by a 5.2-litre V10 engine (rumored to be from former Formula 1 construction engineer Judd) that puts out 609kW of power, 648Nm of torque and revs to over 10,000rpm.

It is a single-seater with a closed cockpit and an F1-inspired steering wheel. It tips the scales at less than 1000kg, making it almost as light as 2022-spec F1 machinery.

McLaren CEO Michael Leiters said the idea for the Solus GT was to design a car free of constraints, pushing the company beyond its track-tuned versions of its road cars such as the Senna GTR and P1 GTR. , but clearly the market for such cars is also lucrative.

“The McLaren Solus GT is the embodiment of a radical McLaren concept car originally created for the world of virtual racing,” said Leiters. “Designed without the constraints of road or racing regulations, but with the full spectrum of McLaren expertise to bring it to life, it embodies our pioneering spirit.”

McLaren has announced that it will only build 25 examples of the Solus GT, so anyone interested should call their local dealer as soon as possible. It’s unclear how much money prospective owners will need to fork out, but it’s estimated to be up to $5 million. Thankfully, for that price you’ll get a helmet, HANS device and racing suit included, plus driver training from McLaren test driver Bruno Senna.

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