‘MultiVersus’ director comments on online co-op update

The director of the crossover fighting game. multiverse, Tony Huynh has commented on the online couch co-op mode coming to the game via his Twitter account.

Huynh answered to a post asking about adding online couch co-op, saying “It will be later, our focus right now is to stabilize our experience.” He then goes on to list “Netcode improvements, pickpockets/hitboxes, projectiles, platform interactions” as some of the key aspects, and doesn’t give a time frame for when online couch co-op can be expected.

Multi Versus it only had its full release earlier this month on August 15 with its first season, so there’s still plenty of time for the game to grow and receive adjustments.

Despite only being in early access for most of July, with a soft launch later in the month, Multi Versus managed to become the highest grossing game of the month according to NPD sales reports. Revenue came from the game’s Founder’s Packs, which include character tickets that can be used to obtain new characters, cosmetic items, and in-game currency.

There are currently 19 playable fighters in the game, with Stripe of the gremlins Y rick and morty Rick Sanchez will be coming to the game later this season. Also, Matrix it is speculated that he appears within the game along with beetle juice Y The Wizard of Oz Wicked witch according to recent datamines.

An earlier leak also suggested things like Lord of the Rings Y Godzilla will come to the game at some point, with the same Scooby-Doo and Game of Thrones’ The Hound and Daenerys are also mentioned.

In other news, a dual Steam Deck and TV setup posted online by a tech content creator has emulated the 3DS, with the two acting as the handheld’s stand-in top and bottom screens.

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