Multiversus to get Online Co-Op…Eventually

multiversethe Warner Bros-published ‘Smash Bros. killer’, is a mostly free fighting game perfect for everyone, but some players believe that something is still missing.

There are many ways to play Smash Bros. nowadays, but one way is the favorite for those who love to play with friends Y I love to play competitively – online couch co-op. It’s the perfect way to sit down with a friend and join forces to ruin another duo’s day or have them ruin yours.

Weather multiverse has local and online play catering to those who want to play against their friends and those who want to become the greatest Velma protagonist of all time online couch co-op is a mode that is absent in the game where Bugs Bunny can beat Batman to death with a cream pie.

In a tweet in response to YouTube content creator Spada, the director of multiverse Tony Huynh explained that while there are plans to add an online couch co-op feature, “it will be further away”. Currently, the Player First Games developers are focusing more on stabilizing the game through gameplay improvements.

So on the plus side, it will eventually come. On the dark side (please don’t sue me, Disney), it’s not coming any time soon. But turning to the bright side, it seems that the developers are focusing on elements of the game that will improve competitive experiences. There are few things more frustrating than a game that gets additions without fixing what already exists within it.

I personally? I would love a wacky story/campaign mode that somehow manages to reproduce the stories of every character available in multiverse. I’d like to see how they would play out the first meeting of LeBron James and Tom & Jerry. I want to see how Shaggy would save the world from impending doom by beating up Superman. That is what I want.

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