New League of Legends ping system in the 2023 preseason

Riot Games revealed some upcoming changes to their communication systems, with new improvements to the ping system.

League of Legends is a team based game. Therefore, players need to communicate with their team to win. And this game currently allows for multiple ways for players to communicate with their teammates; the most used of them is the ping system.

The current ping system was introduced over ten years ago during Season 3. And compared to other newer Riot titles like VALORANT, it’s very dated. It doesn’t allow many skill expressions and it’s not user-friendly in general.

Since pinging is the primary mode of proactive communication, Riot Games began looking for ways to expand their current pinging system.

Riot Games recently uploaded a video on their League of Legends YouTube channel about the upcoming 2023 preseason. In that video, they revealed some upcoming changes to the communication system. Specifically, the ping system will be reviewed.

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New ping system

League of Legends Lead Game Designer Matthew “Phroxzon” Leung-Harrison confirmed in the roadmap video that they would be expanding their ping system to allow for better communication between players.

Riot Phroxzon stated that their current communication system is showing its age compared to their other games, as the current system only allows players to share basic communications. Therefore, Riot wants to give players more opportunities for clearer communication.

new ping wheel
Image: Riot Games

Updated ping wheel

Updated pings will include:

  • Engage
  • Help me
  • To bully
  • missing enemy
  • To freeze
  • Danger
  • Push
  • On my way

As we can see, the updated ping wheel still has the usual pings that we all know and love. In addition, they will be placed in the same places where they are currently. So players don’t have to relearn the new system.

Release date of the new ping system

This new ping system will be released in the upcoming 2023 preseason. Therefore, we can expect this new set of changes to arrive at the end of this year.

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