NiSi IP-A Filter Series for iPhone Released – Includes Filmmaker and Filmmaking Kits

NiSi IP-A Filter Series for iPhone Released - Includes Filmmaker and Filmmaking Kits

NiSi has recently introduced a new filter kit designed specifically for iPhone creators. Provides support for a wide range of optics, including square ND, graduated ND, 1-5 stop VND, polarizer, Black Mist, and orange/blue stripe filters.

A few years ago, NiSi, a well-known manufacturer of filters and lenses for full-size cameras, came up with the P1 Prosorios Kit, a set of accessories developed with mobile content creators in mind. This series initially consisted of a clip-on filter holder, a polarizer and a graduated ND, but was later expanded to include ND with different densities as well as a Natural Night effect filter.

Now the company is back with a new set of accessories for mobile photographers and videographers, the IP-A filter series. It is built around the latest iPhone 13/12/11, but the company claims that it works with older models (X/SE/8/7/6) as well. Let’s take a closer look.

NiSi IP-A Filter Kit for iPhone – Overview

At the heart of this new NiSi filter system is the IP-A filter mount, which wraps around the smartphone camera module and is held securely by a locking screw. The mount features silicone pads to prevent damage to the device and is claimed to be compatible with most iPhone cases.

NiSi IP-A filter holder. Source: NiSi

The front of the mount has a quick bayonet mount that can natively accommodate all new IP-A round filters (more on this later) or existing NiSi P1 square filters via the dedicated P2 square filter mount. Up to 3 circular filters can be stacked on top of each other, and the company ensures that vignetting does not occur, even when using the wide-angle camera.

NiSi IP-A filter holder design. Source: NiSi

New circular filters

While ensuring compatibility with existing square optics, the IP-A filter holder was designed to support a new line of circular spin-on filters. These include:

  • black mist 1/4 – which reduces reflections and enhances shadows, thus reducing contrast and softening the image;
  • True Color ND-VARIO Pro Nano 1-5 stops Variable ND – which can be particularly useful for mobile filmmakers, as it allows natural motion blur to be achieved by slowing the shutter speed without compromising exposure;
  • Allure-Streak filters BLUE and ORANGE – which represent point light sources as streaks, effectively emulating the widely sought after anamorphic look.
NiSi Allure-Streak filter ORANGE. Source: NiSi

Mobile photography and filming kits

The company also offers three different prepackaged kits: the landscape gamethe filmmaker kitand the film equipment. All options come with a hard case, which can hold up to 4 filters and a filter holder, but the included filters differ as follows:

  • landscape game: IP-A Filter Holder, P2 Square Filter Holder, P1 HD Polarizer, P1 Medium GND8 (3-stop graduated filter), P1 ND64 (6 stops);
NiSi Landscape Kit for iPhone. Source: NiSi
  • Filmmaker Kit: IP-A Filter Holder for iPhone, Black Mist 1/4, True Color ND-VARIO Pro Nano 1-5 steps Variable ND;
NiSi Filmmaker Kit for iPhone. Source: NiSi
  • Cinema team: Everything in the filmmaker kit, plus BLUE and ORANGE Allure-Streak filters.
NiSi Cineam kit for iPhone. Source: NiSi

Price and availability

The new NiSi IP-A filter kits for iPhone are now available to order on the manufacturer’s website and should start shipping in early September. the Scenery, filmmakerY Cinema The kits retail for $69.99, $149, and $199 respectively, while all items are available to purchase separately. The price is as follows:

  • IP-A Filter Holder – $24.99
  • P2 Square Filter Holder – $24.99
  • Black Mist Filter 1/4 – $59
  • True Color ND-VARIO Pro Nano 1-5 Stops Variable ND Filter – $89
  • BLUE Allure-Streak Filter – $49
  • Allure-Streak ORANGE Filter – $49

For more information, visit the NiSi website here.

Do you often produce content using your smartphone? What do you think of the new NiSi IP-A filter kits for iPhone? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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