Nvidia Broadcast can facilitate virtual green screens in OBS Studio

Popular open-source streaming software OBS Studio is getting some new features, including Nvidia Broadcast’s AI-powered virtual backgrounds that let you change your virtual environment without using a green screen.

The feature is far from perfect and won’t replace the quality of a physical green screen, but we can attest that it does a decent job. There is a bit of flickering and fading as you move, but for streamers who keep their webcams to a small corner of their stream, these issues won’t be too noticeable. The quality can also be further enhanced with strong lighting and a light background environment.

Streamers often use OBS streaming software on services like Twitch or YouTube. Previously, it was possible to use a virtual green screen in OBS via plugins, but Nvidia Broadcast will make the feature much more accessible. Those using an Nvidia RTX graphics card probably already have the software installed, and Nvidia Broadcast also integrates with many popular streaming hardware and apps.

For example, Corsair integrated Nvidia Broadcast tools into its iCue and Elgato software in July 2022, allowing those who rely on Corsair or Elgato hardware to use certain features, such as its impressive background noise suppression. The Elgato Camera Hub also gained access to virtual backgrounds at this time, allowing users to access Nvidia’s streaming tools without having to go directly to the app.

Virtual Backgrounds is the only Nvidia-specific feature added to the latest version of OBS (version 28.0), but there are other non-Nvidia Broadcast features coming to the service, such as support for High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC or H.265) and high dynamic range (HDR). This should improve video compression by around 15% (at least, according to OBS) and allow for higher quality streaming to supported services. No doubt some third-party testing will prove just how beneficial this feature is to real-world performance.

Room echo cancellation is also being introduced in OBS to help reduce unwanted echoes during your broadcast sessions, though it should be noted that this is not listed as Nvidia Broadcast background noise suppression, and as such, it will likely be a direct feature of OBS rather than a third-party integration.

Version 28.0 of the app has been in beta since early August, but will be available for public download sometime today.

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