NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang will speak at GTC 2022 on September 20

NVIDIA CEO to deliver ‘news-packed’ keynote address in September

Jensen Huang will take the stage on September 20.

No more cooking speeches. The NVIDIA CEO will take the stage and provide the latest news during GTC 2022 in September. The last keynote was announced more than a week ago, but it already has a date and time.

Jensen confirmed that he will share news about the new architecture during this keynote address. It’s unclear if this means just an overview or specific products, but in any case, don’t expect any big updates from GeForce there.

NVIDIA tends to announce separate events for game series, especially for the first models that are released. This should also be the case with the RTX 40 series. The last event was on September 1, 2020 and it was dedicated exclusively to the GeForce RTX 30 series.

Officially, the main topic of this keynote address is “AI Strategy for Business Leaders”, which doesn’t sound very exciting to gamers. However, GTC is more than just a single keynote. It is a 3-day event during which participants at different stages of their careers can sign up for 135 sessions on topics such as AI, HPC, or quantum-accelerated supercomputers. They can learn more about new graphics technologies or make new associations.

NVIDIA announced that Huang’s keynote address will be streamed live and registration will not be required. The keynote begins at 8am PT or 5pm CEST on September 20.

Source: NVIDIA

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