NVIDIA GTC Keynote 2022 Timing Revealed

Recently, from the Second Quarter Earnings ReportAs we learned, NVIDIA is reportedly preparing to announce its next-gen CPUs anytime soon. The GTC has been planned to 19 – 22 of September. However, we now have the full schedule and times.

We will get through this in the coming months and enter the next year with our new architecture. I hope to tell you more about this at GTC next month.

~ jensenhuang

From the official statement, it is clear that the GTC Keynote will feature the next generation of NVIDIA. Now, the data center based Hopper It has already been announced, so the only thing left would be the Lovelace series (RTX 4000) for the mainstream market.

Lovelace’s Revelation

NVIDIA it usually does a full reveal for its next generation of GPU. how was it with AmpAn event was held on September 1, 2020 dedicated exclusively to the RTX3000 GPU. Will we see another Lovelace reveal after this Keynote? Possibly.

Team Green can talk about architecture and gameplay improvements or they can just go all out and give us a full reveal.

Not so interesting name

The event is officially named as ‘“AI strategy for business leaders‘ which may not attract many players. However, GTC is a full event that will take place over the course of a few days (September 19-22). The GTC Keynote is a special kind of reveal for upcoming NVIDIA hardware and changes.

When and where can I see?

lucky for us, jensenhuangKeynote address at the GTC event 2022 will be streamed live and no registration/subscription is required. The master conference will begin at 8 a.m. PT either five pm EST. Set up your calendars now before you miss out on this.

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