Pixoul Gaming, Abu Dhabi’s Large Virtual Reality & Esports Hub, Will Open Soon

Pixoul Gaming, a massive virtual reality gaming and esports complex in Al Qana in Abu Dhabi, is nearing completion. It is expected to open in the next few months, but an exact date has not yet been announced.

“The venue is almost complete and we will be ready to welcome players in the fourth quarter of 2022,” says Paul Hamilton, general manager of the space.

The Al Qana hub, a 1.5-mile waterfront destination, aims to attract gamers to the capital by offering something for everyone.

Casual gamers will be able to play console, while those who are more serious fans will be able to sign up for the certified Esports Academy, the first in the region, or enjoy the streaming studio where they can broadcast live using the latest technology.

“We believe that everyone should be a gamer today, as esports fosters creativity, encourages problem solving and develops leadership skills,” says Hamilton. “So we designed Pixoul Gaming to deliver a new world of digital fun and showcase Abu Dhabi as a world leader in esports and digital entertainment.”

In addition to helping foster the gaming community, Pixoul has plans to host tournaments around the world and offer educational programs. “We will offer courses beyond ‘how to play,'” says Hamilton. “Anything related to games will be part of our full educational program for courses like ‘how to code’.”

Before its opening, here are five things you need to know about Pixoul Gaming.

It will offer virtual reality games

Pixoul Planet VR will have 10 virtual and augmented reality games, in association with Robocom VR, ranging from first-person shooters to roller coasters, paragliding and escape rooms. They will be between six and 10 minutes long and will feature the region’s first fully wireless headsets in an open-world, cross-platform metaverse. Unlike other VR games, there will be no unnecessary cables or heavy backpacks for players.

Karim Ibrahim, Co-Founder of Pixoul Gaming and CEO of Robocom VR, says: “As the technology partner and creator of this personalized virtual reality mission, we are excited to take gamers on an unprecedented adventure through cinematic and interactive experiences.

“At Robocom VR, our mission is to innovate the static gaming experience, inviting users to portal to new dimensions of gaming and take control of their destiny while fully immersing themselves in virtual reality entertainment.”

It will have the first Esports Academy in the region

At the first Esports Academy in the Middle East, coaches will be able to train individual players and teams, offering advice on how to improve their skills. It will also invite champion professional players to conduct one-on-one training sessions with the students.

It will have an esports bar and offer retro gaming.

For those who remember the days of pac-man Y space invaders, there will be an area dedicated to retro games. There will also be a unique esports bar showcasing global gaming events that visitors can enjoy while eating and drinking. The space will feature giant screens, beanbags and a selection of game consoles.

It will have game streaming services.

Do you want to be the next big Twitch gaming star? The center will have an area with high specification equipment to facilitate transmission. Open to amateur or professional gamers, those looking for ways to perfect their live stream can visit the space.

It will have an esports event room.

The Abu Dhabi venue also aims to position itself as the regional destination for gaming events. All events dedicated to esports will host 78 square meter LED screens and there will be a VIP room for those who want to see the action up close.

Says Hamilton: “The goal is to bring serious gaming to the Middle East and train professionals in our academy to compete globally, while also hosting international tournaments in our elite gaming arena, where the biggest and best players in the world . planet will be presented to a live audience of over 800 people, watched by millions around the world.”

Updated: August 29, 2022, 15:27

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