PlayStation announces ‘customizable’ PS5 DualSense controller model

Sony announced a new model for its popular PlayStation 5 DualSense controller at Gamescom today. Called the DualSense Edge, Gamescom presenter Geoff Keighley described it as a “high-performance, ultra-customizable” gamepad.

Of all the things that marked the launch of the PS5, few impressed more than the DualSense. Not only does it have weight that isn’t present in its predecessor, the PlayStation 4’s DualShock 4, but it also has impressive haptics throughout the game.

In games like the action roguelike Housemarque return, you could literally feel the controller rumble with the cadence of a drizzle during the rainy segments. For Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Moraleswhen you went to swing down the avenues of New York City, you could feel the triggers tighten as you reached the apex.

But the DualSense wasn’t perfect. Shortly after the PS5 launched, gamers reported issues with drift — basically the control sticks acting on their own without any input from the player — saying the fixes were a bummer. Today’s brief trailer for the DualSense Edge showed a cross-section of the controller’s control sticks. We hope that Sony has found a solution to address the cause of the reported drift cases.

The DualSense Edge will also feature “custom control profiles, tailored to your style of play,” Keighley said, but didn’t elaborate on what exactly that means. Sony also didn’t share other key details like price or release date. More details about the high-tech gamepad will be announced later today on Sony’s PlayStation Blog website.

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