PlayStation Roundup: PS5 Price Hikes Worldwide, Hogwarts Legacy Delayed

What a strange month for PlayStation. Admittedly, I wasn’t expecting much considering we’re past the Not-E3 season, and Sony is rumored to be holding a PlayStation showcase in September. However, August took a strange turn with a PS5 price hike and a random DualSense controller announcement released on Geoff Keighley’s Open Night Live at Gamescom. On top of that, PlayStation announced another studio acquisition, this time bolstering its fledgling mobile gaming division.

This is what you may have missed in the world of PlayStation in August.

The PS5 just got more expensive

ps5 dual sense activated

(Image credit: Jennifer Locke/Android Central)

In the latest round of “What was PlayStation thinking?” CEO Jim Ryan revealed that the PS5 would see price increases around the world due to high inflation rates and the current economic environment. Oddly enough, despite raising the price in regions like Canada, Europe, and Japan, the United States is spared these price increases for the time being.

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