Pokémon trainer fired after sexual harassment complaint

Competitive Pokémon Unite team BLVKHVND (pronounced “Black Hand”) announced it is parting ways with team coach Mike “Excellund” Lund Andersen after he concluded an investigation into a sexual harassment claim.

BLVKHVND made the announcement via Twitter, stating that “An incident of sexual harassment has been brought to the attention of BLVKHVNDs. After an investigation, both the player group and the organization have made the decision to immediately end any association with ‘Excellund’.”

Moving on, the team asks people to “respect the privacy of those involved in the future of the matter,” which is likely to stop the flow of questions their fans have. Details about the incident are scant, and no further details were provided by the team or any of the players.

Pokemon Unite is a 5v5 Multiplayer Online Battle Arena or “MOBA.” In Unite, players take on the role of a single Pokemon from a large roster of nearly 40 different Pokemon, each with a unique play style. Teams will then coordinate to eliminate opponents, score goals, and claim territories to rack up the highest score. It’s like a version of soccer with more attacks, except with Pokémon.

BLVKHVND exploded onto the scene as the first competitive Pokémon Unite team to claim the title of World Champion. The Pokémon Unite tournament was held at the annual Pokémon World Championships, held in London this year, and BLVKHVND swept the competition, going completely undefeated to win the trophy.

In other Nintendo news, a shocking new report reveals that Nintendo of America workers, primarily testers, faced years of abuse. This follows a different report revealing that Nintendo of America received a second workplace complaint. The two complaints were spaced only six months apart. Finally, a modder uncovered a secret in a 28-year-old game, revealing hidden game development features in a Super Nintendo game.

Pokemon Unite is free to play on Nintendo Switch, but it’s also available on mobile devices.

Written by Junior Miyai on behalf of GLHF.

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