Pokémon Unitedities rank and standard battles will enter the new map in September

The Pokemon Company and TiMi Studios will be taking over the new Theia Sky Ruins map on Saturday, September 2 to replace Remoat Stadium, Pokemon UNITE’s standard and ranked battles.

Remoat Stadium was the map for standard and on-site battles in UNITE since the start of the MOBA game in July 2021. In recent months, the community has demanded a change. Theia Sky Ruins will feature a new layout, different wild Pokemon, new targets, and perhaps the use of Rayquaza as the game’s end target instead of Zapdos.

While Zapdos disables opposing teams, Rayquaza will allow the team that wins it to have easier goals by scoring faster and with a higher attack. It’s more of an avid advantage than a disadvantage for opposing teams, Masaaki Hoshino said in a chat with The Gamer.

Attention trainers! From age 9/2, battles have been reworked on the new map, Theia Sky Ruins. See battles and teamwork more intense than ever! #PokemonUNITE #UNITE1st pic.twitter.com/60xkjgQNdx

Pokémon UNITE (@PokemonUnite) August 26, 2022

Theia Sky Ruins may change the way UNITE is played due to its different wild Pokemon spawns. Also, some Pokémon will appear on the upper and lower paths, which can help them.

In Remoat Stadium, players playing upstairs or downstairs usually take a little time to discover the field and have a lot of fun in the central area, as the central area offers more wild Pokémon than any other form in the first minute of the 10- minute match.

This is a year since our launch and people are looking for something new, so we wanted to introduce a new method for Pokémon UNITE, said Hoshino.

The addition of Theia Sky Ruins is just one of the changes that will make it more popular in September, as part of the first anniversary of the second half of the first half of the games. Mew, Dodrio, and Scizor will join UNITE’s playable party next month.

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