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Apple VR headsets are getting more and more concrete. As early as May 2022, there were new details about the mixed reality HMD when Apple registered the Reality OS trademark. This is now combined with the new brands that the Cupertino-based company has protected: with the Reality One and Reality Pro, we can apparently expect two VR AR glasses at once.

Apple VR headset: Reality One and Reality Pro on the way

Apparently, Apple’s mixed reality headset could be called the Reality One and Reality Pro, respectively. At least that is according to a report from news outlet Bloomberg, which found that Apple has registered the two trademarks in various regions, including the US, Europe, the UK, and many more.

Of course, not by Apple itself, as usual trademarks were protected by subsidiaries and other parties. In addition to the two product names, Apple also protected the term “Reality Processor”, which indicates the built-in chip of the AR-VR headset.

Apple’s reality system is taking shape

Which, rumors suggest, will be based on a customized version of the recently introduced Apple M2 chip and backed by 16 gigabytes of RAM. Therefore, the Apple VR headset is expected to be one of the most powerful, but probably also the most expensive, devices in this segment.

With the Reality name, a clear picture now emerges after sub-company Realityo Systems LLC secured the brand for the Reality OS operating system in May.

Shortly before that, Apple filed two patents for its Mixed Reality headsets, which, for example, offer an IR-permeable display reflected on one (outer) side and allow for inductive charging.

Apple VR Headset - Mixed Reality Headset Representation
Image: Ian Zelbo

However, it will likely be a while before Apple’s Reality One and Reality Pro VR headsets are released. Currently, there is talk of a launch in 2023, possibly in the fall. But who knows? Perhaps we can expect at least one or two teasers at Apple’s launch event on September 7, where the new generation of iPhone 14 will be presented.

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