Red Bull Capture Point game photography returns for 2022

Video games are a visual medium like no other, transporting us to worlds we could barely imagine in our wildest dreams. Whether you’re putting the pedal to the metal in the world’s most powerful sports car or exploring the verdant lands of post-apocalyptic America, the vibrant visuals of the latest games are breathtaking to behold.

Using photo modes, fans have found ways to capture these worlds with virtual photography. Over the years, these virtual photographers have built huge online communities, sharing their creativity through social media while developing their skills.

After last year’s successful competition, Red Bull Capture Point is back, this time inviting PlayStation® gamers from around the world to show off their incredible skills on the world stage. We’re giving virtual photographers the chance to see their work come to life in a real-life exhibit in New York City and win some amazing prizes.

Key art for Red Bull Capture Point.

Red Bull Capture Point returns for 2022

© Red Bull / Sony


What is Red Bull Capture Point?

Red Bull Capture Point is an in-game content capture competition that challenges players to take visually striking screenshots using photo modes. This year’s competition will focus on two exclusive PlayStation® games: Horizon: Forbidden West™ and Gran Turismo® 7, both released this year.

Entrants will have the chance to win an amazing Red Bull prize package that includes a PlayStation®5 console, along with some amazing peripherals.

One ‘Best in Show’ winning entrant from each of the nine competing countries will have their photos featured in a gallery in New York City, where they can attend a ‘Best in Show’ gallery show. Winners will also be able to enjoy workshops with renowned photographers to help them take their skills to the next level.

The best photos will also be displayed in a virtual gallery, which fans around the world can explore from the comfort of their homes.

There will be four categories for photographers to submit their photos, each representing a different theme. Each category will be open for a two week period and will have their own unique requirements to meet. Category requirements will be released a few days prior to each entry period and posted on social media and the competition website.

Entrants can submit their entries via Twitter directly from their PlayStation® console using the correct country hashtag and compete in a number of categories, with winners chosen by a panel of expert judges convened by Red Bull. Judges will rank submissions by category using criteria that emphasize interpretation of theme, technical execution, and uniqueness of concept.

Several important personalities of the scene, including Kate Reed (@that isUSA), Petri Levälahti (@berduuSweden) and head judge Mik Bromely (@ElCuartoEnfoqueUSA) will hand select the best entries.

Red Bull Capture Point is open to aspiring photographers from the US, Canada, UK, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Sweden, Argentina and Chile.

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