Relaxed fishing in virtual reality with Ultimate Fishing Simulator 2

Relaxed fishing in virtual reality with Ultimate Fishing Simulator 2

Image: Ultimate Games

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Ultimate Fishing Simulator 2 promises an idyllic virtual reality fishing experience.

Not only Real VR Fishing (review) is an incredibly relaxing time with the VR headset. Publisher Ultimate Games has also recognized the huge relaxation potential of its Ultimate Fishing Simulator. Part 1 received a paid SteamVR update in 2019, which sold around 60,000 copies according to the manufacturer. Ultimate Games sold 350,000 copies of the main game.

The sequel entered Early Access on August 22, and a VR version is in the works this time too. It’s scheduled for release in about six months for Meta Quest (2), Valve Index, HTC Vive, Windows Mixed Reality, and Pimax’s VR headset.

Pure relaxation with VR fishing

In the past, fishing games still caused a stir mostly with their exotic status or dark controllers. In virtual reality, however, the sense of presence against the idyllic natural landscape increases enormously. A study in cognitive science, for example, showed that during a virtual reality walk, even a simple planting of greenery caused test subjects to relax significantly.

Ultimate Fishing Simulator could also have this effect. The new trailer is already shown graphically enhanced locations.

There are fishing spots in the US (Jackson Park), Poland (Zalasie Summer Resort), Germany (Kiel Canal), Slovakia (Mountain River), and Russia (Kurile Lake), as well as in Thailand (Blue Bay). Here, the fishermen are probably not even disturbed by the whirlwinds, unlike in the real world.


In addition to 60 species of fish (in Kiel, for example, pike perch and trout), over 200 pieces of equipment wait for the experts. These include fishing rods, reels, lures and poses as bite indicators. A new underwater camera captures in detail how various fishing techniques work, according to the study. Other improvements include new dynamic water and smarter fish. Ships, aquariums, and various abilities are also included.

The new developer studio Mastercode (Part 1: Bit Golem) is primarily focused on authenticity. Those more in the mood for uncomplicated arcade fishing can get their money’s worth with Resolution Games’ Bait or Monster of the Deep: Final Fantasy 15.

Ultimate Fishing Simulator 2: VR Edition Coming Later

Ultimate Fishing Simulator is available for $16.99 as Early Access on Steam. the The VR version will follow in six months. Then the mainstream full version will also be released for PC and various consoles.

A view of the Kiel fishing spot.

The Kiel Estuary of the Kiel Canal is also represented. | Image: Ultimate Games

Make sure you purchase the correct version from the Steam store. One of the packs includes the predecessor with its VR DLC, but does not support VR for part 2.

Sources: Ultimate Games, Steam

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