Reservoir ensures sustainable use of reagents

Manufactured to the ANSI/SLAS standard, Porvair Sciences’ range of reagent reservoirs are designed for easy integration into any automated liquid handling system.

Image Credit: Porvair Sciences Limited

Molded from high purity polypropylene, in a Class 10,0000 clean room environment, Porvair Reagent Reservoirs offer chemical compatibility with most organic solvents, acids and bases. High heat resistance allows reagent reservoirs to be autoclaved.

For laboratory pipetting reagents, it is important to minimize waste when using reservoirs. Our range of reagent reservoirs incorporate a novel ‘pyramid bottom’ with a very low dead volume ensuring minimal waste of valuable reagents. Laboratories will find versatile tools in our reagent reservoirs for adding or mixing samples, standards or reagents in high-throughput applications involving the use of multichannel pipettes.”

Krzysztof Kielmann, Microplate Product Manager, Porvair Sciences.

With a choice of 20 working configurations as well as liquid volumes, an optimized reagent reservoir is available to suit liquid handling applications using eight or 12 channel pipettors up to 96 and 384 tip automated pipetting systems.

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