Saints Row: How to Reach Max Level and Rank

Saints Row is an action-adventure video game published by Deep Silver on August 23, 2022. The game is a reboot of the Saints Row series developed for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, and Microsoft Windows. We have covered this guide to help you reach max Saints Row level and rank up faster.

The game has also tried to ground the story, and the events are a mix of Saints 2 and 3. You will play as the henchman of a private military contractor, and the focus of the game is on the personal fight of your gang. However, the game has been super exciting for players so far.

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Saints Row max level and rank

Level up in Saints Row
Saints Row max level and rank

The maximum level and rank that you can reach while playing Saints Row is level 20. Once you can reach level 20 in the game, you will unlock all the best skills in the game. Having all the skills means that you can now focus on other activities in the game.

Booting through the campaign won’t help you reach this level even late in the game. If you follow a regular game along with some side activities, you will be able to reach the maximum level.

You don’t have to worry about going back to the districts and unlocking everything, as you can come back anytime after beating the main campaign. You can come back later and then unlock everything by exploring and completing activities.

Advantages of reaching the maximum level

Level up to access skills
How is saints row max level and rank useful?

The greatest measure of your success in the game is reaching the maximum level and rank in Saints Row. You will build a criminal empire in the game, and its success will largely depend on your level.

You should not only focus on increasing the ranking of your criminal empire because your personal ranking in the game is equally important. However, reaching the maximum level does not mean that the game is over; will give you access to the following.

  • You have access to skills.
  • You can access the updates in the game,
  • You will be able to clean Holy Unharmed.
  • Ability to terminate criminal enterprises.
  • Ability to hunt the collectibles.

Best ways to max level and rank faster

complete quests to level up
How to reach max level and rank

No matter what you do in Saints Row, you will get XP or cash. The following are the ways that will help you reach the maximum level faster.

completing missions

Completing the main quest is a source of XP in the game. If you check the quests tab on the character’s phone, you’ll be able to track down the next bear in the story. You will get a huge XP boost every time you complete the main quest. It is advisable to focus on the main quest to level up faster in the game.

side hustle

You will be able to see side hustles as blue icons on your map. Side hustles come in a few different flavors which are mentioned below.

riding shotgun

While an NPC will take the wheel, you can keep pursuers away by suppressing fire. You can jump onto the roof of the vehicle while driving the shotgun, but it can get really dirty in spots.

pony express

You will drive a high value package to the delivery point dealing with the police raid. It is important to avoid the police because if the police see you, you will have to fight them. You can use various vehicular combat techniques to fight against the police.

wingsuit saboteur

You’ll put on your character’s wingsuit and drop whatever your paying partner wants from the air. Completing Wingsuit Saboteur is easy, so it won’t cause you much trouble.


You have a quest app on your character’s phone. You can keep track of challenges in this app. Completing these challenges will give you a new edge, a nice chunk of cash, and a nice XP boost for your troubles.


There are some optional bounty hunter side quests that you can track in the desired app on your character’s phone. You just need to go after a deserving target and bring him back dead.

crimes of opportunity

You may notice unsubtle icons representing a bag with a dollar sign on your minimap. These icons can also appear in your vicinity, and you can track and fight gang members in exchange for cash. It will also give you a dose of XP boost.


You will have the opportunity to earn some money by experimenting with the discoveries that are indicated as yellow icons on the map. Some important discoveries are as follows.

  • gold garbage bins will appear on your map when you visit the new area. Along with some cosmetic items, you will find some cash and XP.
  • Investigate hidden stories which will populate your map the first time you visit a new area. Wandering around the area to explore it will help you get an XP boost at the end.

Reckless driving

Performing vehicular stunts can occasionally net you a small XP boost. If you are performing jumps on a bike, airtime will help you get bonuses. We can say that reckless driving is something you should experiment with while playing the game, as anything that counts as a cheat can help you get a bonus.

All these steps mentioned above will help you get cash or XP which means you will be able to level up a bit by following these steps. Taken together, these steps will represent a huge XP boost and you’ll be able to reach the maximum level in Saints Row.

It is important to level up and reach the max level in Saints Row as you will be able to access various skills, upgrades, and quests upon reaching the max level. The maximum level in Saints Row is level 20, and we have discussed the steps to reach this level in our guide. Following these steps will help you level up faster in the game and access benefits.

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