Saints Row players show hilarious bugs on social media

row of saints is one of the biggest games of 2022, but unfortunately, it’s not being received as well as one might hope. saints row iv released in 2013, just a few weeks before Grand Theft Auto V, and was the last main entry in the series before now. After years of waiting, developer Volition decided it was time to reboot the franchise and start from scratch. Some fans were a bit put off by the tone the game was going for when it was initially revealed and feared it would stray too far from what the original series was. That said, that’s not the biggest problem with the game now that it’s out.

row of saints it has been criticized for its writing, outdated gameplay, and perhaps most notably, bugs. The game has been a haven for bugs and glitches, making it one of the toughest high-profile game releases of 2022. While it’s not exactly cyberpunk 2077 levels of chaos, has caused a lot of frustration among fans who paid $60 for the new game. The game was previously scheduled to release in early 2022, but was pushed back to give the team time to implement some polish. However, it doesn’t seem like they were able to put it in a state that is on par with what fans would expect. row of saints It got a day one patch that fixed some glaring issues and improved performance, but it still has a ways to go before it can be truly acceptable. With that said, row of saints Players share their buggy gameplay on social media, resulting in a series of hilarious videos.

Although our review was not as negative as others, we did note in our 3/5 review that row of saints is quite old-fashioned and exceptionally flawed: “Ultimately, row of saints It may not be the big return to the franchise fans were hoping for, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth checking out. Despite a low-paced story with average characters, it still packs a ton of content and a sandbox that’s ready for hours of cooperative fun. Even if you play solo, building a criminal empire empowers and elevates you. row of saints beyond being another open world crime game. If it didn’t take a few steps back or feel flawed and dated, this game would get a more glowing recommendation, but unfortunately, it doesn’t hit all of its marks.”

What do you think of row of saints? Let me know in the comments or contact me at Twitter @Cade_Under. Keep scrolling to see some of the buggy games that players have shared. Please note that the seventh and final clip at the end of the article contains a spoiler for the game.

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