Samsung promises a free “pro-grade” camera upgrade for millions of Galaxy smartphones

Samsung has promised that a selection of “professional-level shooting features” will be coming to select Galaxy smartphones in October.

The announcement comes from a moderator on Samsung’s official community forum following the announcement of a feature update to the company’s free Expert RAW photography app. No details have been revealed so far beyond that they will offer a “true professional camera”. According to the moderator, we will be notified of the details of these new features “at an appropriate time”.

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We wouldn’t have known about Samsung’s future camera plans were it not for an almost throwaway comment on a support form post announcing the latest version of Expert RAW, which received two small but useful updates yesterday.

The app now allows users to save their favorite camera settings as a preset that can be recalled at any time. The app also gains the ability to select a raw or jpeg shooting mode, instead of always having to save to both file formats simultaneously. The raw files are much larger than jpegs, so this feature will significantly reduce storage requirements if the raw files are not needed.

Exclusive to a select but growing list of high-end Samsung Galaxy smartphones, Expert RAW adds advanced camera controls like ISO, shutter speed and manual focus. It also gives users the ability to save photos in a high-quality raw format similar to Apple’s ProRAW feature found on its flagship “Pro” iPhone models. Shooting in RAW mode allows you to take better photos in more challenging situations, getting the highest possible quality from your camera’s sensor.

Expert RAW is currently available for Galaxy S21 Ultra, Galaxy S20 Ultra, the entire Galaxy S22 range, and Galaxy Z Fold 3. Support for Galaxy S20 Ultra, Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, Galaxy Z Fold 2, and Galaxy Z Fold 4 is also promised. this year.

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