smart:comp 2- The new spectrodynamic compressor from Sonible

smart:comp 2- The new spectrodynamic compressor from Sonible

australian company soundable always aim for audio experiences of the highest level. His team works with DJs, engineers, software developers, AI experts, and musicians to combine technical possibilities with creative expression. They recently added a variety of audio plugins and hardware units to their catalog: EQs, reverbs, limiters and more, which can be found in some of the biggest and best studios in the world. They also released the second version of their featured smart compressor. Meet the Sonible smart: comp 2.

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The first version of Sonible’s compressor already had artificial intelligence doing most of the work for you. Increasingly common today, AI is a great tool in production for beginners or those who simply want help along the way. Sonible did a great job of improving the AI ​​technology in this compressor by taking intelligence to the next level: Smart:comp 2 sticks with content-aware processors and auto parameterization, giving you maximum transparency and integrity. .

First of all, we need to talk about where the magic happens: the AI analytics process. Select the appropriate input signal and choose a suitable profile (universal, keys, guitars, drums, etc.). Once that’s set up, you can start playback and hit the record button, then just sit back and relax as the compressor presents the appropriate compression settings. Use the spectral compression settings (style, spectral composition, color) to dial in just the right amount of effect.

Sonible incorporated a large visualizer, mapping every function a compressor has on 1 screen. At the top, you will find a red line that shows the operation of the compressors; the ratio can be changed just below that. the limit allows you to select the correct amount by looking at the information of the incoming signals. A total of 6 different threshold settings are included: Standard, medium balance, expand middle, squeeze medium, parallel compY noise gate. Access the attack and release settings by expanding the widgets, and another viewer will open where you can change the settings. Within the spectral compression range you will also find the frequency bandwidth where you can choose the correct frequency range. Open the sidechain tab to enable a low cut, 2 bells, or a high cut.

Choose whether you want to apply stereo or mid/side compression and affect the mids and sides separately; check the input signal and the limiting on the right hand side to see how the signal behaves. On the far left, a frequency screen will appear where you can see which frequencies are being processed. Scale the display from -24 to -96. Click the little cogwheel icon on the top right and enable multiple great features like setting input gain after learning and enabling auto gain after learning.

Sonible’s smart:comp 2 is available at an introductory price of €89 (normally €129) up to August 31

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Image credits: Sonible

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