Sonic Adventure 3 Will Probably Never Happen, But The Director Still Wants It To Happen

I love the sonic adventure games. Do you know who else loves them? Its director, Takashi Iizuka.

What sonic frontiers edging ever closer to release, with first impressions from Gamescom 2022 appearing to be enthusiastic appraisals of the newest addition to the franchise, it looks like Sonic Team is spinning around talking about the game.

In one of the many interviews Iizuka did for sonic borders, one particular interview with Dot Esports shed some more light on the director’s longstanding desire to return to the franchise’s 3D roots.

In said interview, Iizuka was asked what feature he would add to a Sonic game if I had a full free reign. However, instead of answering the question with a feature, she once again jumped right into talking about how badly she wanted to do another. sonic adventure play.

“Instead of a feature, I would like to use these golden keys to make the next Sonic Adventure game. i was there for [Sonic Adventure] and was there for [Sonic Adventure 2,] those are my games. I am looking forward to continuing to create the Adventure series.”

Even though it’s not the first time Iizuka has mentioned wanting to do a third sonic adventure game, it is definitely not a sign that a third party sonic adventure the game is coming soon. Sometimes you want something so badly and yet you know it will never happen.

Iizuka is aware of this, as he later states in the Dot Esports interview that several factors go into why. sonic adventure 3 it probably won’t happen.

“When you look at all the games that are out now and know the kind of expectations for the next Sonic Adventure game, it would take a lot of investment from the company, a lot of development time, and a lot of play. volume to actually bring something to market. But that’s what I would use the golden keys for.

That is indeed the reality of this, is it not? With the technology and talent available today, expectations are high for a series to return, especially one where the last game was over 10 years ago.

All that said, I’d love to see a type sonic adventure the game exit Sonic Team eventually, if possible. I definitely miss the jump between the Hero and Dark stories, with each character level being completely unique to the character’s purpose in the game.

And don’t forget the Chao Garden. I love Chao Garden.

[Source: Dot Esports]

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