Sony confirms early 2023 release for PlayStation VR2

The PlayStation VR2 headset and its new controller will launch in early 2023.

Last night, an image of the PSVR2 was included in a cheep and an Instagram post from official PlayStation accounts along with confirmation of an “early 2023 release.” While that doesn’t give us a firm release date, it does suggest we’ll be able to buy the new VR headset before the end of the fiscal year, which is no later than March.

Sony first teased the PSVR2 headset in February 2021, before revealing the new controller for use with a PS5 the following month. Fast-forward to July of this year, and Sony has released a host of new details about how the VR headset will work.

It promises to deliver a true revolution in console VR gaming with two graphics modes for VR and non-VR gaming, refresh rates up to 120Hz for much higher resolution VR experiences, and with HDR, areas of custom game play, transparent view, and the ability to live stream the game being played.

The only remaining piece of information we need now is a price. With the state of supply chains, high inflation, and production in China being so unpredictable due to lockdowns, it’s highly unlikely that Sony will be able to match the original’s $350 price tag. Add in the improved technology and new controller design, and I think we’re all expecting a higher price. Hopefully we know what it is before the end of the year.

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