Sony reduces the weight of the PS5 by 300 grams

Sony just increased the price of the PS5 everywhere except the US, but it also managed to tweak the internals and reduce the weight of the console again.

In August of last year, Sony began selling Disc and Digital editions of the PS5 that were 300 grams lighter. Now, as Press Start reports, Sony has done it again, introducing new CFI-1202B (digital console) and CFI-1202A (disc console) models in Australia that weigh even less.

CF-1200 models are expected to launch more widely on September 15, starting in Japan, but Australia has it first. The Digital console is 200 grams lighter than last year’s model (500 grams lighter than the launch model), while the Disc console is 300 grams lighter and therefore 600 grams lighter than the launch model. launch.

Last year, the weight savings were achieved by using a smaller heatsink to keep the chips and memory cool. There was speculation in May that Sony was going to start using a 6nm chip for the PS5. If that’s the case, then the more efficient processor could allow Sony to further reduce the size of the heatsink and shave 300 grams off the weight in the process. We won’t know for sure how this was achieved until someone disassembles the newer CF-1200 models.

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