‘Splatoon 3’ Gets a New 7-Minute Trailer Showing Off a Variety of Weapons

Nintendo has released a new seven-minute Japanese gameplay trailer for Splatoon 3 ahead of the game’s release next month.

The latest trailer dives into everything: from Splatoon 3 the stages that players will compete in, the basic skills and mechanics of the third-person shooter, as well as the different modes, including single-player and Salmon Run.

Footage of team play is also shown with two squads of four players going head-to-head. The sneak peek features the game’s end screen where each team’s total score is counted to reveal the winner.

You can check the new Splatoon 3 gameplay trailer below:

The new characters also appear in a variety of settings ranging from factory-like settings, desert locations, beachside locations, and more. Weapons displayed range from bows and arrows, a broom that acts as a sword, a shield that appears as an umbrella, a bubble gun, and a booby trap.

Nintendo even provided a glimpse of the in-game city where players can congregate. There is a shop to purchase weapons, clothing, and accessories, as well as a custom player locker that can also be customized.

Nintendo will likely release the same trailer in English sometime this week, so we’ll be able to determine the names of the recently revealed maps, locations, and weapons.

Splatoon 3 It will be released on September 9 for Nintendo Switch. The game will feature a single player campaign at launch called Return of the Mammalians, and is set in Alterna.

Right now, a demo is available for players to experience and it looks like Nintendo is already banning players from hacking the game’s test rank ahead of schedule.

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