Stick it to the Stickman is an office brawler with weaponized farts

Devolver Digital and developer Free Lives, known for his work on foot of anger, have announced a new beat-em-up game perfect for those who hate the monotony of office life. In Stick it to the StickmanYou’ll play a disgruntled worker who essentially runs amok in an imposing office.

With the power of rage at your side, you will wield a variety of deadly weapons as you fight your way through the hordes of office workers and fight your way to the top of the true ‘ivory tower’. You’ll be able to punch and kick your way through office corridors, but you’ll also be able to use tools like coffee cups and lasers to take down your enemies, as well as, to quote the game’s press release, “armed farts.”

That’s right, you’ll be able to fart your way to the top in this office fighting game.

“Beat your way through obedient co-workers, menial middle managers, and brutal bosses, learning more powerful ‘business skills’ on your way to becoming CEO of America’s worst company,” reads the game’s official description.

‘Attack is the best form of defense in business, and it is kill or be killed. Pick up powerful upgrades and HR-approved weaponry to make sure your Stickman is more than just a yes-man.

‘Your career path is not just vertical! Bring in new subsidiary companies to squeeze out the competition, with each acquisition offering new gameplay, new enemies, new bosses, new weapons, and more! Build a conglomerate that rules the market and dominates our hearts!’

You can check out the new trailer for the game below:

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As expected from Free Lives, Stick it to the Stickman It looks like a wild and frantic ride, with wacky physics complemented by the game’s neon visual style and tower block progression system. As you fight your way through each level of the game’s corporate ladder, you’ll be able to earn more weapons and weird upgrades, including new abilities and attacks.

The concept, in practice, is pretty scary, but it’s neatly hidden away with a cheesy stickman aesthetic that cuts down on the violence and makes the entire game feel more cartoony than sinister.

Stick it to the Stickman will be on display during PAX West 2022, from September 2-6. It is expected to be released sometime in 2023.

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