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Midnight Fighting Express, created by Jacob Dzwinel, has recently arrived on various devices, providing an addictive and smooth standalone arcade fighting game and giving players a deep combat system that takes advantage of their ability to perform the most skillful fighting moves and take advantage of the surrounding environment. Repetition will be essential for improvement. In each run, you will defeat enemies faster and use the environment with more experience, becoming a combat master in no time. Find out more about Jacob Dzwinel’s title with our review of Midnight Fighting Express.

Synopsis: A story of justice and revenge spanning a criminal underworld.

Starting your story at the end of the night rampage in a police station where you find yourself being interrogated. A former member of the criminal underworld known only by the nickname Babyface in the midst of broadcasting the events of the previous night. A night of rampant violence began with a chatty drone arriving at your doorstep, broadcasting a message of a criminal underworld takeover unless you work with them to stop it. So let a night of chaos begin.

Unfortunately, through all the violence and combat, you’ll find a story that feels more like an afterthought. While they all have a past, the characters aren’t developed enough to feel connected. However, completing levels will allow you to quickly progress through the dialogue when you go through the level again, which will help you get past a lackluster story.

Gameplay: deep combat system to unleash chaos and violence on enemies.

Starting with just a few basic skills, you’ll begin your quest by establishing vigilante justice. With light and heavy hits to deal damage to enemies and the ability to block, dodge and parry to stay alive they will be your most reliable tools throughout the game. Of course, these essential skill sets will only be the beginning of the arsenal of skill sets that you can use to crush your enemies. Growing up your character will make you a more devastating and skilled fighter, improving your ability to use weapons, skills and the environment making you a

the skills in Midnight Fighting Express they are divided into multiple skill trees with six sections that offer plenty of depth and allow maximum flexibility for players to choose what their best approach towards their enemies will be. Progressing through each of the levels will earn you points to add to your skill trees that open up more ways to deal devastating damage to your enemies.

In addition to the plethora of skills, there will also be various weapons to pick up and use, including bladed, blunt, and firearms. Each weapon will have its durability or ammo reserve which limits its use throughout the game. Making sure you use your weapons and abilities correctly before you break will decide how fast you go through each area. Through the 41 levels and 100 different weapons, players will have various approaches and assaults on their enemies as they make their way through the city. Levels will include challenges that upon completion will unlock various clothing items and fun tricks like big head mode and game changing. Players will find deep and highly replayable gameplay with Midnight Fighting Express offering many rewards for passing levels again, improving time and skill with each repetition.

Graphics/Audio: A beautiful dark city with a spectacular soundtrack

Running on the Unity engine, Midnight Fighting Express uses a top-down camera. Players will experience a beautiful dystopian city invaded by a criminal underground to create chaos. Jacob Dzwinel’s title is a dark and gloomy world of action and mayhem, full of characters and places where we found no bugs or problems throughout our review of midnight brawl express.

Midnight Fighting Express It also features an amazing soundtrack filled with music that seamlessly intertwines with the game’s action to match a beautifully designed world. As a result, players will enjoy a fantastic soundtrack filled with electronic music that will accompany them on their quest for violence and vigilante justice.

Conclusion: An Indie Fighting Game Worth Trying

While the narrative Midnight Fighting Express tends to lose a bit by being too shallow, the combat offers so much depth, variety, and entertainment that the lack of something else doesn’t affect the game in any way. By the time you get to the end of the credits, you’ll probably have earned an outfit or two just because of how easy it is to replay the game. If you’re looking for a fantastic indie fighting game with an amazing soundtrack, definitely check out Jacob Dzwinel. Midnight Fighting Express and take up the fight against the criminal underworld.

After reading our review of Jacob Dzwinel’s title Midnight Fight Express, you can find the game available for PC, PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series X|S and Nintendo Switch for $19.99. Also, you can follow Jacob Dzwinel on Twitter to stay up to date on any updates to Midnight Fighting Express or keep an eye out for any future projects from the developer.

A former member of the criminal underworld is lured back “to life” by a mysterious drone who claims he has until dawn to stop the criminals from taking over the entire city.


  • Deep combat system
  • A fast-paced electronic soundtrack
  • Detailed environments offering varied approaches


  • The revolver and finishing inputs are on the same button.
  • Dialogue scenes can be disturbing
  • the story is mediocre

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