Tested Rhino Hybrid Roof Rack

Enthusiastic cyclist Harry Kooros has recently been testing two roof racks from Rhino – here are his thoughts.

Cycling around Australia: It’s great talking to you, Harry. Tell us what you drive and what two roof racks you have on your vehicle.

Harry Kooros: I drive a Peugeot 4008 with my newly installed Rhino Rack hybrid bike racks. I was so sick of jamming my bikes in the back of the car and constantly damaging them, so I was really excited to try the Rhino Racks.

One of the most significant advantages of the Rhino hybrid rack is the fact that it does not make contact with the frame, a huge benefit for those with carbon bikes.

LICENSED IN LETTERS: What bikes do you put on the racks and how would you describe installing a bike and securing it once they are on top?

Hong Kong: Over the past few months, I’ve installed several different bikes on these racks, from a $400 hybrid bike to a $15,000 BMC road bike. Riding bikes is easy and pain free thanks to the wheel support arm and swingarm assembly. The addition of the locks really adds peace of mind when carrying expensive bikes and leaving the car unattended for any length of time.

LICENSED IN LETTERS: The setup sounds great for weekend getaways – how have bike racks helped? Are there any featured trips?

Hong Kong: It really is perfect for weekend getaways. While my car can fit two bikes inside (only), they always get damaged in transit and I waive the ability to have more than one passenger or any luggage.

“…My last weekend ride…was a disaster: I had the bike in the trunk of my car and the di2 battery died the entire ride due to the gear stick button being held down…”

Having them secure on the roof allows me much more freedom when I go away for the weekend with family or friends. My highlight ride with these racks was my recent trip to Mudgee where I took two bikes down for a weekend.

My last weekend ride before I had these racks was a disaster – I had the bike in the trunk of my car and the di2 battery died the entire ride due to the shifter button being held down. Stupidly, I didn’t bring a charger either, so I didn’t get to ride all weekend. Having them safe and secure on the roof is proving to be the best solution.

Rhino offers a wider range of secure roof racks along with impressive ‘no frame contact’ bike racks.

LICENSED IN LETTERS: For those who haven’t used Rhino Racks, what would you say are the key features?

Hong Kong: The best thing about these racks is definitely the ease of installation. I was worried when I opened the box that it would take hours, but it was a very easy process.

The wheel support arm is a feature that I really think makes this rack stand out, because it helps position the bike on the roof and helps you get the bike up safely in one lift.

I also like the overall look and finish of the products – black looks stealthy.

LICENSED IN LETTERS: Finally… We’ve heard the horror story: how do you remember you have bikes on you?

Hong Kong: I have some horror stories of my own. Over the years, I’ve managed to ruin $13,000 worth of bikes thanks to roof racks.

I took a break from them after this, but now I have a simple cardboard SRAM reminder tag that sits on my rear view mirror so I never forget.

Luckily I haven’t had any problems lately, I think I’m now much more aware of the height restrictions when transporting my bikes.

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