The best cheap gifts for Father’s Day (less than €50)

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If you want to brighten up dad’s day but don’t have a lot of money to throw around, these inexpensive Father’s Day gifts shouldn’t be overlooked.

On special occasions like Father’s Day, we all want our loved ones to feel special. Unfortunately, financial constraints can make this feel like an insurmountable challenge, especially since many of us have been tightening our budgets with the rising cost of living.

Fortunately, there are countless Father’s Day gifts that don’t require you to spend a fortune. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite affordable gifts for you to buy right now.

Father’s Day Gifts Under $50

This revolutionary kitchen tool will make Dad cook better than ever.

Buy now for $17.99

Take advantage of this eBay deal to give Dad great audiological devices at an affordable price.

Buy it now for $39 (was $89.99)

Slow cooker Contempo 5.5L

Help Dad prepare delicious meals with this extraordinarily affordable slow cooker.

Buy now for $25

Your dad doesn’t know what he’s missing. A good espresso stirrer is an essential tool for distributing ground coffee evenly and providing a delicious drink.

Buy now for $21.99

Dad is sure to find his new favorite gin in this charming gift set.

Buy now for $39

If Dad’s repertoire of humor is starting to run out, this is a gift the whole family will appreciate.

Buy now for $36.30

Premium Selection of Regimental Seasoning Company

2 chutneys, 2 mustards, and 2 jams will make Dad’s next dinner party memorable.

Buy now for $49.95

Whether she needs to add a cutting board or cheese board to her kitchen inventory, this is a gift she’ll love.

Buy now for $30

Does dad love his tea? Thanks to T2, you don’t have to splurge to give him a jaw-dropping gift this Father’s Day.

Buy now for $40

Have you been honing your chess skills lately? This gift is both a heartwarming gift and a chance for you to ambush Dad with your newfound talent.

Buy now for $24.95

If your dad spends more time on the golf course than anywhere else these days, these personalized gloves will give him the edge over the competition.

Buy now for $39.95

Your dad is sick and tired of using cheap plastic ice buckets. Make your drinking experience that much more enjoyable with this premium silicone ice cube tray.

Buy now for $39.95

The second greatest source of pride in Dad’s life, after you, is his beard. Help him look better than ever with this 100% natural soap and premium wooden brush.

Buy now for $39.90

You don’t need to spend an arm and a leg to create a heartwarming personalized gift this Father’s Day. Simply write in the blanks everything you love about your dear father.

Buy now for $14.88

THE ICONIC gift card

Whether Dad is as handsome as he looks or you want to give him a hint to refresh his style, a digital gift card from one of Australia’s favorite retailers is appreciated.

Buy now from $25

Take a look at the best gift cards for Father’s Day 2022.

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