The best free games on Xbox Series X/S (right now)

Last year, infinity halo launched with completely free-to-play multiplayer, a first for Xbox’s flagship series. But there are a number of other free games worth your time on Xbox. And it’s not just the obvious ones, from battle royales about world war to that weird metaverse game about Goku beating up Darth Vader. The following offer is the best option without spending money.


Screenshot: WB GamesScreenshot: WB Games

it’s not quite Super Smash Bros.but WB Games’ MultiVersus is a competent clone of Nintendo’s seminal platform fighter. Instead of a litany of Mushroom Kingdom mainstays, you play as characters from all over Warner Bros. properties: Adventure time, rick and morty, the DC Extended Universe, etc. The problem is that, to play with more than just a basic list, you will unfortunately have to pay. But a pro tip: my boxIt’s testing, if you stick with local multiplayer (more fun for this type of game anyway), you can play the entire current roster for free.

Download from: Microsoft Store

Asphalt 9: Legends

Screenshot: GameloftScreenshot: Gameloft

Asphalt 9: Legends is the rare mobile arcade runner that feels like a full console game to the need for speed either exhaustion. So it’s no surprise that the console port feels and looks amazing. To be clear, it doesn’t offer the unlimited freedom, or the stunningly beautiful visuals, of Xbox’s own hit, force horizon 5. Still, it’s a lot of fun driving top-tier cars from some of the best-known luxury car manufacturers on the planet on tight modeled race tracks or, uh, inspired rather, by places in the real world.

Download from: Microsoft Store


Screenshot: Interactive IOScreenshot: Interactive IO

recent from IO Interactive Hitman The games aren’t just stealthy masterpieces: they’re a collection of fascinating experimental sandboxes, each one an intricate mechanical puzzle to solve. If you haven’t tried them yet, you can try some of the starter levels for free. Starter packs for both hit man 2 (with the fantastic level of Hawke’s Bay, set in a New Zealand waterfront mansion) and hitman 3 (a fun but not-so-visually-exciting level in a training center) are available for free on Xbox.

Download from: Microsoft Store

split gate

Screenshot: 1047 GamesScreenshot: 1047 Games

Yes, infinity haloThe multiplayer is free-to-play, and it’s amazing. But split gate puts an intriguing twist on the classic arena shooter: in addition to the basic firearms, an arsenal shamelessly copied from aura, so to speak, you can also create portals on the fly. You can shoot through them, jump through them, close one behind you as you escape with some health. split gateThe raw first-person shooter mechanics of is competent and familiar, but it’s the addition of portals that really makes it stand out.

Download from: Microsoft Store

Fall Guys

Image: MediatonicImage: Mediatonic

Fall GuysSwitching to a free model earlier this year was a big help. The effervescent platformer royale game has always been popular. However, after the change, it reached stratospheric heights, amassing over 50 million players, who bounce around in a rotating series of physics-based mini-games. If you fell after the first season of covid lockdowns, or never got to play in the first place, now is the best time to jump in Fall Guys. Bonus: It’s the only modern game where you can see the Master Chief and the Arbiter together in the same place.

Download from: Microsoft Store


Image: Iron GalaxyImage: Iron Galaxy

Xbox is already a hotbed for battle royales like PUBG, apex legendsY call of duty: war zone. But those are all well-trodden ground for most players. Get into Rumbleverse, a battle royale that focuses on close combat over firearms. Although it only boasts 40-player matches, compared to the 100-player lobbies of its weapon-laden competitors, Rumbleverse it’s a breezy change of pace to the gloomy tones and nail-biting stress you normally get with these types of games. It may not become your next massive time sink, but it’s definitely worth a spin.

Download from: Microsoft Store

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