By Wayne Robinson | 24 August 2022

Following what the company says was a positive response to its debut at PacPrint, the Currie Group has officially launched HP xRServices, a mixed reality platform that it says will transform service delivery on the company’s HP Indigo range of digital presses. company and throughout its product. range.

I see what you see: HP xRServices by Currie Group
I see what you see: HP xRServices by Currie Group
Image – Currie Group

Marcus Robinson, chief operating officer of the Currie Group, says the company has been working for 12 months to implement the support platform, which connects print service providers directly with Currie Group and HP product specialists, with just touch a virtual button.

“If you attended PacPrint in Melbourne, you may have been able to experience HP xRServices or seen other visitors to the Currie Group booth deeply engaged in the activity wearing what appeared to be a set of virtual reality goggles,” says Robinson.

“In fact, it was the Microsoft Hololens 2 headset, which gives users the feeling of being physically present with a virtual HP technical expert, who can guide them through basic service tasks, production troubleshooting or training. about HP and other equipment, in real time. weather.”

Like other augmented reality platforms, the viewer combines real-world images with overlay information, allowing the virtual trainer to see exactly what the user sees and collaborate to diagnose, identify and fix problems.

“We’ve been responding to requests for reliable remote support for years, but until now, we hadn’t found a system that we felt was reliable enough to market,” Robinson explains. “Now, with HP xRServices, we can confidently offer that virtual support leveraging the collaborative brilliance of HP and Microsoft in a printing industry for the first time.”

Robinson says the technology will change the dynamics of the service, with the virtual support person able to display information, photos or drawings, circle or highlight various things in the user’s field of vision, identify parts, share documentation or provide other feedback. for the press operator, and also provides real-time feedback on operator actions and adjustments.

“The benefits are obvious: no time wasted on lengthy service calls, instant answers to production questions, quick resolution of any issues, all leading to minimal downtime for systems and equipment,” says Robinson.

“The system has also proven valuable for installation and training purposes, an application that was successfully tested during the lockdown when technicians from Israel and Singapore collaborated with our technicians and CMYKhub staff to install the first HP Indigo Digital Press. Australia’s 100K in Victoria,” he said. reports.

The innovative system has been specifically designed to support new or installed HP technologies, with a high level of HP resources on the back-end, but Robinson says it is now available for products across the Currie Group range.

“This broad application, coupled with the affordability of the subscription-based system, is generating a lot of interest, and users can add it to an existing service agreement or as a stand-alone service. We also continue to offer it at our special PacPrint promotional price, making it a no-brainer for many who have seen it in action,” adds Robinson.

HP xRServices represents part of the additional service approach that sees the Currie Group provide even more resources to support print service providers as they seek to successfully meet higher production targets at even shorter turnaround times.

“We have listened to our customers and responded with a differentiated service model that takes into account the delivery metrics businesses are subject to and provides genuine value,” explains Robinson.

“Within weeks, we will also move to a 24/6 support model that will allow customers to access technical advice and support 24 hours a day, six days a week, with our expanded technical support team.

“We will also continue to enhance our service KPIs to further streamline call processing with instant call logging and answering, extended remote support and reduced response times for on-site service, so printers can enjoy maximum uptime.” and maximum profitability.

I see what you see: HP xRServices by Currie Group
Expert Augmented Input: Currie Group’s HP xRServices Image Currie Group

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