The new PS5 model has arrived in Australia first again and here are the first details

Earlier today, Japanese retailers revealed that a new PS5 model called the CFI-1200 model would launch on September 15, but after chatting with some retailers and those who recently bought consoles in Australia, it looks like we’re the first country to get the new model again.

We have been able to identify both the CFI-1202B (Digital Console) and CFI-1202A (Disc Console) which were purchased from Australian retailers including EB Games, Harvey Norman and JB Hi-Fi in the last week or so.

IFC-1202B PS5

The only immediate difference between this model and the 2021 model that we can glean from the manuals for both products is the weight, which has been reduced by a similar jump as the 2021 model. This obviously results in different parts/internals.

The digital PS5 (CFI-1202B) is 200 grams lighter at 3.4kg (that’s 500 grams lighter than the original launch digital PS5) and, according to the manual for the disc-based PS5 (CFI-1202A), it’s 300 grams lighter at 3.9kg (that’s 600 grams lighter than the original PS5 launch disc).

This now means that the new Disc PS5 model now weighs what the Digital PS5 did at launch.

CFI-1202B PS5 Spec Sheet
Specification sheet of the new digital PS5 CFI-1202B
CFI-1202A New PS5 Model
The new disk model CFI-1202A
  • Throw: Disc: 4.5kg / Digital: 3.9kg
  • 2021 review: Disc: 4.2kg / Digital: 3.6kg
  • 2022 revision: Disc: 3.9kg / Digital: 3.4kg

Unfortunately, even if we did have the new 2022 models in front of us, we’re probably not the right people to open them up and work out the internal differences, but it does tell us that there are likely to be internal changes for the two new PS5 models.

Last year’s new model saw a heatsink change that resulted in a weight change, so that’s likely to be the case again, but we’ll have to wait for someone to take a console apart and determine exactly what the difference is. . could be.

Given that the PS5 consoles have now lost 500 grams and 600 grams respectively, it’s obvious that there are some pretty big differences internally within the console since launch.

We expect any drops (outside of the Horizon PS5 bundle) to be the new models and it’s unclear at this point if the price increase has anything to do with these new models.

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