The Sense75 is the drop game for the premium mechanical keyboard market

The market for custom mechanical keyboards has exploded in recent years. Where before you had to go through arduous group shopping to get many of the best models, now there are mainstream options you can shop at any time. (née Massdrop) has been a go-to for many just beginning their descent into the hobby. Today, the company unveils its first new keyboard since 2019. Dubbed the Sense75, it’s a 75 percent design board with just about every feature a budding enthusiast could want.

As with the and, Drop will offer two versions of the Sense75. Starting today, you can order the keyboard pre-built with the company’s highly sought-after switches and included. Then, later this year, Drop will start selling a starter kit that comes with just the frame and PCB, leaving it ready for you to customize to your liking.

Fall Sense 75

Fall Sense 75

The Sense75 also comes in two colors: “Nightfall” and “Polar,” with the latter incorporating an electrophoretic coating that creates a “stunning, clean look” but is also more expensive to produce. A pre-built Sense75 in the former will set you back $349, while the latter is $399. If you want to go the frame-only route, you’ll pay either $249 or $299.

With pre-built prices starting at $349, Drop has set its sights on the . It’s widely regarded as one of the best “entry level” custom keyboards you can buy. The two share many of the same characteristics. Both are 75 percent designer boards with a gasket-mounted plate to dampen keystrokes. Similarly, both allow you to hot-swap switches, so there’s no soldering if you want to try a new set of tactile, linear, or clicky switches. The Sense75 even has a rotary dial like the GMMK Pro, and both offer customizable RGB lighting. Speaking of customization, the Sense75 is compatible with QMK and VIA firmware.

The first 500 people who order the Sense75 will get a free set of MT3 keys, a carrying case and a limited edition novelty key with their purchase. The first shipments will arrive sometime in November.

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