The Simulacrums of Tower of Fantasy #2 – KING

Now out for a good week and a bit, many players would have taken more than their first steps in the world of fantasy tower – creating your own custom protagonist, meeting the inhabitants of the scattered world, and beginning your campaign against the Inheritors of Aida.

As you go fantasy tower, you’ll unlock premium in-game currency, which can be spent in one of the different gacha systems, in hopes of unlocking a 4-star combo, or specifically, 5-star Simulacrum + weapon. While you can play the entire game as your protagonist, capable of wielding any weapon of your choice, by obtaining the simulacrum associated with each weapon, you can take their form with individual outfits, hairstyles, and on-field voice acting. If you’re pulling based on Simulacra appearance rather than recommended weapons, having been someone surprisingly lucky with my pulls despite not spending more than a ten or two on fantasy towerI’d like to share a look at some of the 5-star characters I’ve unlocked.

By accumulating enough points in the first 21 days since you started playing, you will be able to unlock an SSR mock selection box, allowing you to select any of the non-limited characters to add to your party. For those following the tier lists at launch, many will likely be aiming to unlock either Samir (and his Dual EM Stars weapon) or KING (and his Scythe of the Crow weapon). In my case, I chose the latter, with its weapon focused on shield-breaking AOE-style fire-infused attacks. Also, as Diluc’s protagonist in Genshin Impact, he can’t pass up the red-haired badass.

The Simulacrums of Tower of Fantasy #2 – KING 1

The cheeky attitude and extravagant clothing are indicators of his strong personality. Used to solving problems and getting what he wants through violence. Completely motivated by money, too.

KING makes a small appearance in the first chapter, although I imagine that he will have more importance in the story of fantasy tower in the future. Even if you don’t unlock KING right away, he’s available as part of the non-limited gacha system.

fantasy tower It is now available on PC, Android and iOS platforms. You can find more information on how to download the game HERE. As stated above, the game itself is free to play and requires no purchase, however it earns money through a gacha-style “Special Orders” system. While the game is not that bad in providing you with free currency to get N-SSR level drills/weapons, the SSR earn rates are very low at first so keep that in mind before choosing the game to play.

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