The Thinner Sense watch has a few tricks up its sleeve. – The Irish Times

Fitbit Sense 2


Fitbit has just announced its new Sense 2, a slimmer and lighter version of its Sense watch that has a few new tricks up its sleeve.

In case you missed it, Fitbit is now owned by Google, and the deal was completed early last year. However, it has not been immediately obvious; even the latest round of wearables carry the Fitbit name and use Fitbit’s operating system.

That Google link is set to get a bit more obvious; Google Maps with turn-by-turn directions is coming to the newly announced Fitbit Sense 2, as is Google Wallet. That will replace the Fitbit Pay option that’s on the original Sense and means you won’t have to take your phone with you wherever you go.

The other big addition to the watch is the new Body Response Sensor that uses continuous electrodermal activity heart rate to monitor your body for signs of stress and then suggests ways to help you manage it, from guided meditation to heart rate tracking. state of mind You also get the usual Fitbit sensors that will monitor your heart rate and skin temperature, giving you an overview of your health.

The watch will also be able to monitor irregular heart rhythms, following the approval of the ECG app in Europe.

There are several strap options, including classic leather and endless straps in a range of colors. And the watch also has decent battery life at around six days of use, with fast charging also included.

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