There’s a big difference tomorrow for the little TFT 7.5 PBE patch

RIOTS released a new PBE patch today for Teamfight Tactics set 7.5, targeting Augments and an item while focusing on fixing bug fixes.

A report by Stephen Mortdog Mortimer shows that both movements from the unknown realms of Dragonlands were small. The settings were closed, but the game’s design director didn’t think Tom was a tiger. If the new light drops tomorrow, the established 7.5 PBE patch will soon be fixed.

Good morning and nice Monday. Here are the now complete patch notes. When they finished on Friday, they were small. Tomorrow’s display will be much larger, as it will contain this weekend’s answers. If you have any important questions, leave them here today.

Riot Mor (@Mortdog) August 29, 2022

Bugs like Sunfire Cape, which applies a burner of what they were or Archangel Staff, whose ability to boost 20 is unknown, will not be heard today. Some additional fixes include a bug where Lux would automatically switch between Mage casts and some issues affecting Darkflight ghost armies.

Fixed bug that prevented Daeja from getting the Champion Crown. And the team knows of an issue that lacks bonus health and doesn’t work for ghost armies.

Radiant Archangels staff were demoted from 25 Powerpoint for four seconds to 30. High-risk, high-income kid with poor mental health had health caps lowered to 1,650. And the 7.5 Increase Cohihood Set moved from Gold to Silver.

The standard set has been used to show off the high performance of the first half of Dragonlands. The dragon trait has been extensively fixed. These players can play up to five dragons during a game. And Uncharted Realms contains Lagoon and Darkflight, two new vertical features that allow players to build additional late-stage abilities.

Players can try TFT Set 7.5 on PBE servers until the official release of Dragonlands Uncharted Realms on September 8.

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