This AI can help struggling rappers who are struggling to write verses for their piece

These days, artificial intelligence is not just limited to robot commands. Musicians and other artists are also benefiting from it today.

In fact, there is an AI app that can be of great help to struggling rappers. Those MCs who are struggling to find the perfect rhymes for their songs can now take advantage of iRap.

iRap for easier songwriting for rappers

This AI can help struggling rappers who are struggling to write verses for their piece

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BrainRap claims that this app can help rappers find the perfect rhymes for their songs.

Mastering the art of weaving a calming yet impactful composition is one of the greatest talents every rapper should learn. In rap music, every lyrical touch must have weight to throw listeners off.

Sometimes when musician’s block (a counterpart to writer’s block) sets in, an artist can have difficulty finding the right words to write on a piece.

This would make him feel out of touch and he would struggle in writing lyrics. According to Mix Mag, iRap could be an answer to this problem among rappers.

This AI app uses both machine learning algorithm and speech to text mechanism. iRap simply gives you better suggestions that will be tailored to your rap song and based on the flow of rhymes.

BrainRap, the creative startup behind this software, established itself as a modern leader in the field of music and neuroscience.

With the help of Micah Brown, a musician, and CJ Carr, a programmer who is an expert in machine learning, the company managed to detect the weak points of some rappers.

Of course, the startup won’t thrive on this pair alone. Red, a music technology company, also helped develop an AI app for struggling rap artists.

“There’s the obvious Abbey Road connection to the Beatles, but I’ve also seen Kano perform there. For me, as a Black Brit, as a South Londoner who grew up without much, being included there was a big deal,” Brown said. The Guardian in an interview.

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How iRap works

With the application of algorithmic language models, aspiring rappers and those who can’t find the right rhymes in their lyrics can give iRap help.

According to Carr, the AI ​​application focuses on preserving the same letter meaning while changing the placement of words and phrases. As such, this software relies on the alliteration of “nouns, verbs, and adjectives” to get the best possible result from the piece.

Also, Carr used the phrase “big red dog” as an example. The deep learning engineer said that iRap might suggest “colossal crimson canine”, so it would be more appealing to the ears.

The demo app still has a long way to go since the creators detected human bias while using it. For example, the word “rapper” seems to be synonymous with “pimps” and “thugs”, which is not always applicable.

In the future, iRap could also address how to deal with colloquial language to make it more suitable for all rappers from any country.

Despite these flaws, BrainRap has been a game changer for the music industry. Hip-hop will continue to evolve as more technologies contribute to its limitless improvement and rhythm.

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