“This Franchise Is Finished”: Dr. DisRespect Criticizes Warzone For Major Design Flaws

Streaming phenomenon Dr. DisRespect criticizing Call of Duty Warzone for its glitches and poor conditions is nothing new. As he continues to rage against the game, he keeps coming back to it.

This time, however, the streamer was so angry and disappointed with the huge failure of Warzone’s design that he surprisingly publicly stated that the upcoming Warzone 2 would be a colossal flop and that too within a month.

While most Call of Duty fans, streamers, and pro players expect Warzone 2 to be a fresh start for the CoD franchise, Two-Time is all but convinced that it will fail a month from now if it doesn’t launch with significant positive results. . changes and adds new features.

Calling out Warzone for major design changes, Doc noted:

“This franchise is finished.”

Dr DisRespect Claims Warzone 2 Will Fail Within A Month With No Highlight Changes And Additional Features

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Dr DisRespect is one of the most loyal players in the Call of Duty franchise but also one of the most demanding critics of the title. While for most of the Warzone community, hopes are on the higher side for the upcoming follow-up to the battle royale title, Warzone 2, Dr. DisRespect feels that Warzone 2 needs to introduce major changes and standout features to stand out this time around.

During his stream on August 26, 2022, Two-Time mercilessly criticized Call of Duty: Warzone for its terrible design and even urged the developers to release Warzone 2 with some visible changes. After dying in-game due to an audio glitch, Doc ranted:

“Shit, your audio sucks. It does, your map sucks, your audio sucks. No wonder no one’s playing it! No one. It’s dead.”

The Doc then lost another fight with a darkened enemy, which prevented an extremely bold claim about the upcoming Warzone 2 project. According to the legendary streamer himself, Warzone will undoubtedly fail in a month if it doesn’t feature significant improvements.

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Further noting the drastic decline in popularity of the CoD franchise, Dr. DisRespect lamented:

“God, man, this game is a fucking joke, man, holy shit. You can not see anything, it drives me crazy. I tell you Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2, I give it a month after launch. You know? I mean, we crossed fingers for them to do something different, but if they continue to do this kind of shit, with this kind of formula and these design decisions from a creative standpoint, I mean this franchise is done.”

While watching Warzone pro ZLaner, the Doc continued to question the developers’ choices. After blatantly criticizing the decision to place faction tokens in supply crates, Dr. DisRespect added:

“Yeah man, they need a different depth, they need some new creative or something. A new team, a new studio. They got 50 million studios at Activision… put another one, put another studio.”

Continuing his line of thought, he added:

“We know what a good Call of Duty is, I’ve played it. I know what a good Battle Royale experience could be in Call of Duty. How are these things approved? I want to have some fun with Call of Duty, that’s my game growing up, you know.”

Social networks react to the current state of Warzone

Fans, viewers, and supporters have reacted to the live broadcast moment playfully, causing a wave of interesting reactions. Judging from the feedback, most players seemed completely disappointed and angry with the poor state of Call of Duty Warzone.

Sharing a wide spectrum of reactions, here’s what fans had to say:

Fans react to the current state of Warzone (Image via The2Time/YouTube)
Fans react to the current state of Warzone (Image via The2Time/YouTube)
Fans react to the current state of Warzone (Image via The2Time/YouTube)
Fans react to the current state of Warzone (Image via The2Time/YouTube)

Warzone has always been in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. From unwanted glitches to terrible audio design, the title is also famous for the number of hackers in the game.

However, with the official release of Warzone 2 just a few months away, the community is extremely excited to try a different version of Call of Duty. Hopefully the sequel can deliver what Dr. DisRespect has been looking for this time around.

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