Top 10 highest paid Twitch streamers

For a long time, exactly how much money each channel made on Twitch was a mystery, as the company kept its figures close to its chest for security reasons.

However, those who were desperate for a peak behind the curtain were in luck in October 2021, when a massive data leak revealed the highest earning streamers on the platform.

These figures cover everything a channel earned from August 2019 through October 2021, so while this list may not be 100% accurate in 2022, all of these channels will still be near the top of the heap. We’re going to go over the 10 highest earning channels and talk about what made them so successful.

LETTERS – $4,190,163

We are at the bottom of this list and we are already talking about billionaires. Starting his channel in 2011 with World of Warcraft content, Zahid was on the streaming bandwagon long before he became such a popular way to watch gaming content. He found all the right gaming tendencies and slowly but surely became a powerhouse on the platform, signing a multi-year deal with Twitch in 2019.

AuronPlay – $4,286,594

AuronPlay is a Spanish YouTuber and Twitch streamer, currently behind Ninja as the second most followed channel on the platform, despite only launching his Twitch channel in 2019. This is due to his huge following on YouTube, being the third largest Spanish creator with 29.1 million subscribers.

Altar – $4,287,293

Altoar is a rare case on Twitch. If you look at his channel you will find less than 500 followers and hardly any broadcasts in the last five years. This is because Altoar is not a streamer, it is the founder of Twitch Sound Alerts, which allows users to pay Twitch Bits to play custom sounds on other people’s streams, with a portion of each purchase going back to Altoar. It’s a very popular tool used by almost every major streamer, and since all payments are made in Twitch bits, it technically puts Altoar in the top ten for creators on the platform.

TimTheTatman – $4,619,027

TimTheTatman started streaming in 2012, and is one of the biggest beneficiaries of Fortnite, which skyrocketed in popularity in 2017. He streamed the game solidly during its first month of release and rode a huge wave of momentum over the next few years, currently with 7 millions. followers.

Louis – $4,619,931

Ludwig is an interesting case as he left Twitch just a few weeks after this data leak happened and is now streaming on YouTube. This is the second time he has jumped between the two, as he initially started his YouTube channel in 2015, before joining Twitch in 2018. He is a highly skilled Super Smash Bros Melee player, having participated in several competitive tournaments. .

NICKMERCS – $7,155,190

Nickmercs is another old-school streamer who hit it big when the battle royale craze hit Twitch hard. Before Twitch, he had made a name for himself playing Gears of War and Halo professionally. He has put this high level of play into games like Fortnite, Apex Legends, and COD: Warzone since streaming, earning some cash prizes along the way.

Total – $7,434,483

At this point in the list, it probably won’t surprise you to learn that Tfue is best known as a Fortnite streamer. He has also been no stranger to controversy, having a very public feud with FaZe Clan and receiving multiple temporary bans from Twitch for misbehaving on stream. Still, he is currently sitting pretty with 11 million followers.

Summit1g – $8,209,380

Summit1g is a very popular variety streamer, who streams all kinds of things on his channel. From Sea of ‚Äč‚ÄčThieves to Grand Theft Auto, and from Z-Day to Hearthstone. Summit1g has earned him a total of 6.1 million followers since he started his channel in 2012. He even got involved in the sprinting community, earning a world record in Max Payne 3 in 2021.

xQc – $11,869,195

xQc is the kind of creator where controversy follows wherever it goes. He played Overwatch competitively for a few years, even participating in the inaugural Overwatch League in 2017 and representing Team Canada at the 2017 Overwatch World Cup. Unfortunately, he was suspended from the game and released from his team mid-season after making homophobic comments towards another player.

After that, he returned to streaming and became very popular as a variety streamer, amassing 11.1 million followers by 2022.

Critical Role – $13,514,969

CriticalRole started out as friends playing Dungeons & Dragons and has now become a huge production… of friends playing Dungeons & Dragons. His campaigns are some of the most beloved, and his work played a huge role in bringing D&D back into the mainstream. We’ve already taken a detailed look at CriticalRole’s rise to the top and how it became the highest earning channel on Twitch despite not even being in the top 50 for followers.

Written by Ryan Woodrow on behalf of GLHF.

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