Twitch doubles down on YouTube’s multi-streaming rules for partners

Twitch removed its exclusivity rights for associated and affiliated streamers, and the president of Twitch doubled down about the decision to avoid multiple transmission.

On August 23, Twitch opened the floodgates, allowing partners to stream on rival platforms. However, one caveat prevents affiliate members from streaming on two platforms at once for long periods of time.

Multicasting to Twitch, TikTok, or Instagram is allowed, but not to YouTube or Facebook. TikTok praised the lifting of the restrictions, while others scoffed.

Former Twitch partner Dr. Disrespect intentionally broadcast multiple streams on YouTube and Facebook. Former YouTube head of gaming Ryan ‘Fwiz’ Wyatt stated that “this is still bad for creators.” ‘Fwiz’ added, video platforms should be at the service of the creator and not the other way around.

Twitch president Dan Clancy doubled down on the company’s decision, defending that it is “creator first.”

Twitch stands firm on multi-stream decision

Purple stream set with Twitch logoUnsplash: Similar to Cakiner/Twitch

Twitch announced the exclusivity rights decision on August 23.

During the latest Twitch episode of patch notesClancy said, “When we thought about our creators and wanting to be creators first, it was important to give you the opportunity to experiment, explore and pursue opportunities that you feel are right for you.”

The president of Twitch spoke about the platform’s decision not to allow multi-streaming.

“We still think it’s better to focus on one main platform for live streaming,” Clancy said. “We think it’s an important part of building a community.”

Clancy added that the company will support creators doing different promotional activities or exploring other platforms, but “Twitch is the best place to build and maintain a live streaming community.”

It will be interesting to see how Twitch streamers respond to the feedback and Clancy’s decision to double down on the guidelines.

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